Croc Or Not: The love-hate shoe trend returns

Sure, the croc is a great lockdown footwear staple for kicking about indoors but do we really want to bring it back for yet another S/S trend?

Being sturdy as well as comfortable, it’s easy to slip on and off and it’s ideal for the beach – but is it ever going to be cool? Apparantly so.

Change the colour, decorate it with widgets, add a heel… it’s still a croc.

Think back to Spring/Summer 2017, the croc hit the high fashion catwalk, but was the high street convinced? Blame Christopher Kane with his tie-dye and metallics.

It was only the following year that Balenciaga gave it a go. Adding a platform and attaching logos and the occasional avocado, it was another attempt to revive the shoe. We’re having flashbacks to Safiya Nygaard stumbling around in her pink platform crocs.

You may have thought that was the end of it, but 2019’s Ariana Grande rocked a white pair of the previously dubbed ‘ugly’ shoe on Instagram and re-started the trend.

Now, Lyst are claiming it’s the ‘it’ shoe of this season with searches for crocs up by “32% month-on-month.”

Should we expect Love Islanders and fashion influencers to start sporting crocs on social media now? Maybe. But, what we do know is crocs could be looking at some good sales figures this summer.

Faye Dixon

Lifestyle Journalist and Blogger from the North East.

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