25 Beautiful coffee table books to inspire your home

Coffee table books are a statement.

Generally more expensive than any other book – they are part decorative, like an ornament on a shelf or canvas on a wall and part book – however they are not novels with plot twisting story lines, instead they give insight to those who own them.

These inspirational talking points give uninspired spaces a sense of style and purpose. While a bizarre concept to some a stack of books is a really simple way to add charm and aesthetic to a room.

Coffee table books are widely associated with the fashion industry, with topics ranging from runway collections to designers and the market is saturated with them – the entire industry is literally at your fingertips.

However there is an entire world out there, and these books allow you to explore a range of topics and experiences including, travelling, gardening, art, history, food – the list goes on.

Some people fill their homes with coffee table books because they’re a beautiful way to elevate your home and offer motivational words and illustrations that change the way we view the world, inspiring new experiences, opportunities and self-reflection.

Below are some of our top picks! Including fashion, travelling, home decor and all things food.

1. Little People, BIG DREAMS / £9.99

Where to buy: anthropologie.com

2. Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk / £49.99

Where to buy: HM.com

3. Chanel: Collections and Creations / £20

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

4. Palm Beach / £70

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

5. The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion / £30

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

6. Great Women Artists / £29.37

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

7. Eat, Drink, Nap: Bringing the House Home / £30

Where to buy: Waterstones.com

8. Food in Vogue / £55

Where to buy: Waterstones.com

9. The Louvre: All The Paintings / £50

Where to buy: Waterstones.com

10. Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails / £27.54

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

11. Beaches / £28.99

Where to buy: Waterstones.com

12. The World According to Coco: The Wit and Wisdom of Coco Chanel / £10.61

Where to buy: WHSmith.co.uk

13. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small / £20

Where to buy: Urbanoutfitters.com

14. Pretty City New York: Discovering New York’s Beautiful Places / £25

Where to buy: Oliverbonas.com

15. 100 Photographs That Changed the World / £19.26

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

16. Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World / £19.96

Where to buy: WHSmith.co.uk

17. Style to Live By: Coco Chanel: Her Life, Work and Style / £5.39

Where to buy: WHSmith.co.uk

18. Real Fresh Coffee / £15

Where to buy: Unionroasted.com

19. Chic Stays: Condé Nast Traveller’s Favourite People on Their Favourite Places / £50.79

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

20. The Big Book of Chic / £131.93

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

21. CAMP – Notes on Fashion / £31.57

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

22. Rihanna: Fenty x Phaidon / £110

Where to buy: Therihannabook.com

23. Pantone History of Color / £20.99

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk

24. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist The 500 Best Places on the Planet…Ranked / £15.99

Where to buy: WHSmith.co.uk

25. The White Company, For the Love of White: The White & Neutral Home / £19.99

Where to buy: Amazon.co.uk
Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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