Little Mix pay homage to Greek mythology in music video for Holiday

Little Mix have officially dropped the music video for their single, Holiday.

The album artwork released with the single hinted that mermaids may feature in the video.

Band members, Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson released a statement saying: “SO excited to say the Holiday video is out NOW!

“We worked so hard on this video and we absolutely love it. Maybe it’s even our fave video we’ve ever done.”

The girls have not left fans disappointed as they are seen in a beautiful temple where they are able to manipulate elements.

Throughout the video the girls stun those watching with their beauty and incredible figures (#bodygoals), while also wearing bikinis from Leigh-Anne’s own swimwear line @inaseashell.

Watching the video with an analytic eye you will see a nod to Greek mythology; such as the way Leigh-Anne sits on the sun lounger which is reminiscent of old portraits or the way Jade interacts with the columns on set.

However, the big thing everyone was expecting to see was the record breaking girl band, dressed as mermaids.

Mermaids in Greek mythology are fierce, and are considered to be like sirens, who are said to be so beautiful that men can’t help but follow them into to the sea.

Brining the album artwork to life we see all four of the girls sat on rocky terrain, with metallic green tails and metallic bralets, except Jesy who is topless, and is covered by her long locks.

We can see Little Mix in a magical underwater wonderland living out every girls mermaid fantasy – we’re all very jealous.

Although only seen for a few seconds, there is a scene within the music video that is representative of the muses. This was a beautiful homage to Greek mythology as the muses were inspirational beings, who were knowledgable about poetic lyrics and myths, dance, music and literature.

In the second half of the video their wardrobe gets a bit of an upgrade, and their stylist deserves an A++ because if you know your history, you’ll know about the Amazons, which were women warriors who fought and died like men.

To include such a strong feminine message into the video is really uplifting to see, and it’s one of the reasons that stylists and make-up artists can be so crucial on set because it’s the minor details that really bring a story to life.

Here’s the thing, we might be right about the concept of the video and we might we wrong – artists creations like this are always open to interpretation.

Considering the video was made while following social distancing rules due to COVID-19, the video is a beautiful representation of the single and we are excited for their upcoming album – while there is no official release date, their previous albums have always been released around November.

There is no telling if COVID-19 has delayed their album release date, but we can assume that the album should drop towards the end of the year.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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