Scrucnhies: 90s hair is here to stay

Scrunchies have been given a new lease on life – to think the outdated hair accessory was nothing but a memory for many of us until it appeared on the runway.

Now a new generation of young people have adopted the humble scrunchie turning it into the must have hair accessory of the season.

Scrunchies date back to the 1960, but didn’t become fashionable until 1987 when hair care company Scunci launched their own version of the product. Scrunchies are made with a ring of elastic covered with loose fabric that forms ruffles when twisted around a ponytail or bun.

The simple hair accessory stayed on trend for near two decades before it became obsolete in the early 2000s.

It seems weird that the entire world has gone crazy for the simple hair accessory – but for those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s it does bring back a sense of nostalgia.

While today’s younger generation may not remember awkward school photos with side-ponytails, 80s aerobics workout videos and Saved By The Bell, the scrunchie does bring with it a whole lot of memories… and at least we can say we were wearing them before they became “cool”.

It didn’t take long for fashion brands and supermarkets to jump onto the scrunchie bandwagon – the product itself is cheap and easy to manufacture and they are available in various sizes, colours and prints. In fact, there are even tutorials online showing people how to make their own DIY scrunchies.

While seeing a new generation revive the scrunchie may make some of us feel old, it is a true testimony to the rise and fall of fashion trends – the scrunchie was nothing but a memory for around 20 years and here it is again inspiring a new generation of hairstyles and fashion trends.

Satin Scrunchie / £10.99

Where to buy:

Giant Organza Hair Scrunchie – Mint / £3.60

Where to buy:

Giant Hair Scrunchie – Neon Pink / £3.60

Where to buy:

Tie Dye Scrunchie / £2.99

Where to buy:

Coconut Lane Velvet Scrunchie in Sunflower Print / £5

Where to buy:

Coconut Lane Velvet Scrunchie in Palm Print / £5

Where to buy:

Neon Green Velvet Scrunchie / £6

Where to buy:
Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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