Little Mix: The Search hopeful stuns Jesy with emotional audition song

Little Mix: The Search has found a boyband, a mixed vocal group and on Saturday night (October 3) a girl vocal group.

Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock came together through The X-Factor in 2011, are trying to find a band to support them on their 2021 tour.

Little Mix addressed the topic of stage fright after noticing that auditionee’s seemed more nervous than usual, which lead to Jade Thirlwall addressing the fact she has seen a therapist about her anxieties.

After one audition, Jesy asked: “Do you guys still get nervous?”

Perrie responded: “All the time.”

Jade then said: “I’m terrible. I’ve got better but in the beginning I tried everything.

“I did therapy, counselling to try and calm my nerves.”

The 27-year-old singer from South Shields revealed that she found ways to cope with her pre-show nerves, she added: “I do still get nervous now but I have learnt to deal with it better, but it impacts your vocals so much.”

Little Mix had high standards for the girl vocal group, as everything rested on their voices. However, one auditionee, Shanice brought back emotional memories for Jesy Nelson by signing the same song she did when auditioning on The X-Factor nine years ago; Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Bust Your Windows’.

Throughout Shanice’s audition, the girls were shouting and clapping, and Jesy could be seen mouthing the words along with her, it became clear that before she even finished Shanice would be moving onto The Band Room.

Perrie said: “Your vocals are insane and especially for this category – the girl vocal category – I can’t nitpick you one bit.

“Your voice is out of this world, I love you so much.”

Jesy said: “That song meant so much to me, even before I did it as an audition, and just watching you do it, it sounds so stupid, but it brought back so many memories. I felt really emotional when you were singing it.

“Your runs are ridiculous – it’s like a waterfall when you do your runs, it just trickles down. I’m obsessed with you.”

After the auditions, seven girls made it to the Band Room and Little Mix put the potentials through their paces with Ariana Grande’s ‘One More Time’ to figure out who should make it to the next round.

For the first time, standards were so high all seven girls made it to the stage to sing in front of a crowd. But, not all the girls could make it to the final band and seven became five, announced one-by-one the girl vocal group included: Shanice, Esther, Mya-Louise, Tamara and Tyler.

Little Mix: The Search continues at 6.45pm on BBC One and iPlayer on Sunday, October 4.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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