Take your nail game to a whole new level with 15 autumn colours to try in 2020

Nail trends come and go with each passing season, and normally the colours we choose has a lot to do with the time of year. We naturally gravitate towards paler and brighter colours during Spring and Summer, and choose more muted and darker shades in autumn and winter.

Weirdly, nails are not the only time we do this, women also tend to change their hair colour when seasons change, along with the colours in their wardrobe and make-up.

However, sometimes it’s celebrities who inspire trends, for example back in 2018, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her neon painted toe nails in the sand on Instagram and neon became one of summers biggest trends that year.

Would the neon nail trend have happened without Kim Kardashian?

Probably. There was a lot of neon on the runway that year but she definitely made a huge impacted on the trend.

However, for 2020 when considering your autumn nails colours you might want to trying mixing it up. This year is all about embracing adventurous shades and adopting fresh colours.

We’ve gathered up a variety of nail colours for those who dare to go bold and some for those who prefer to keep it low-key, so you can take your nail game to a whole new level.

1. My Mood London – Naked / £5

What we love: Versatile nude shades for any occasion.

Where to buy: boots.com

2. O.P.I – Lincoln Park After Dark / £13.90

What we love: Don’t be afraid to go bold – it is spooky season after all.

Where to buy: opiuk.com

3. Barry M – Dolly / £3.99

What we love: A muted, pink nude shade to go with any outfit.

Where to buy: barrym.com

4. 2am London – Dream On, Baby / £4.99

What we love: Orange shades are perfect for Autumn. Go bold or go home.

Where to buy: 2amlondon.com

5. Rimmel London UK – Rock ‘N’ Roll / £5.27

What we love: Red is a year-round colour, it’s elegant, sleek and immediately takes any manicure from zero to 100 in seconds.

Where to buy: rimmellondon.com

6. Essie – Angora Cardi / £7.99

What we love: The name says it all and cardigan is in the name! Muted purples and browns are a must have colour this season.

Where to buy: superdrug.com

7. Revlon – Tempting / £6.99

What we love: Tempting indeed – a beautiful gold shade to add a little glamour back into 2020.

Where to buy: uk.vitamingrocer.com

8. Sally Hansen – Peach Buzz / £4.98

What we love: Don’t want to go bold? Choose a paler orange and still stay on trend.

Where to buy: wilko.com

9. Barry M – Cupcake / £3.99

What we love: A subtle everyday shade.

Where to buy: barrym.com

10. Orly – Mansion Lane / £8.95

What we love: Experimenting with muted shades such as dark greys and blues.

Where to buy: nailpolishdirect.co.uk

11. O.P.I – Dress To The Wines / £13.90

What we love: A beautiful deep purple shade perfect if you want to go dark but not too dark.

Where to buy: opiuk.com

12. Essie – Don’t Hate Curate / £7.99

What we love: Classic mustard yellow shades are perfect for Autumn.

Where to buy: lookfantastic.com

13. Zoya – ZoyaLou / £9.95

What we love: Thinking outside the box and choose deep muted shades of blue instead of predictable colours.

Where to buy: zoyapolish.co.uk

14. Le Mini Macaron – Smoky Matcha / £12

What we love: Choosing colours outside the Autumnal spectrum such as muted greens and being a trend-setter.

Where to buy: leminimacaron.eu

15. Nails Inc – Hot or Not Duo / £15

What we love: A nail polish that changes colour depending on temperature – well that just screams Autumn/Winter.

Where to buy: nailsinc.com

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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