Sweater vests are the new trend taking over autumn

Celebrities and fashion influencers have a huge impact on trends, and every now and then ‘ugly’ becomes fashionable. Let’s be honest, sometimes a garment or trend becomes popular and despite its popularity it’s fairly questionable.

This autumn we’ve been introduced to a complicated little garment, that dates back to the 1930s – the sweater vest, which is a sleeveless jumper typically worn over a shirt.

At first glance, the sweater vest doesn’t seem so bad, however they were usually patterned in obscure ways that resembled fuddy-duddy furniture (similar to something your grandparents may own) or bus seats making them a bit of a faux pas among the fashion community.

However, the weird thing about sweater vests if that for decades both the fashionable and the unfashionable alike wore them, for instance Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince to Mick Jagger, Cher Horowitz in Clueless and Chandler Bing from Friends.

What’s even weirder sweater vest became the symbol of the ‘nerd’ despite their popularity among fashionable people, even today one of fashions biggest icons Harry Styles has several of them in his collection, and is regularly seen wearing them with striped shirts and 70s-inspired slacks but the garment is still associated with ‘nerd-like’ style.

To see this trend become more popular outside the world of pop-culture is truly exciting as it gives people the opportunity to explore the complicated garment and maybe even rebrand it, especially as fashion brands bring out more stylish versions of the once faux pas jumper.

Cable Detail Oversized Knitted Tank / £10

Where to buy: boohoo.com

Cable Knit Sweater Vest / £9.49

Where to buy: shein.co.uk

Houndstooth Sweater Vest / £39.99

Where to buy: Etsy.com

Daisy Street Sweater Vest in Strawberry Knit / £19.99

Where to buy: asos.com

V-neck Striped Cricket Sweater Vest / £13.99

Where to buy: shein.co.uk

Navy Oversized Cable Knit / £48

Where to buy: riverisland.com

Cable High Neck Sleeveless Knitted Vest Jumper / £20.99

Where to buy: momofashions.co.uk
Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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