World Vegan Day: A guide to vegan beauty products

The demand for vegan beauty products rises everyday, and more brands than ever before and jumping on the ethical bandwagon leading to a welcomed change in the beauty industry offering high performing products that can compete with traditional makeup and beauty brands.

Whether you’re a vegan or just ethically conscious it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying, so here is our guide to vegan beauty:

What’s the difference between cruelty-free makeup and vegan makeup?

Believe it or not, a product can be cruelty-free without being vegan and vice-versa.

What is vegan?

By definition vegan beauty products don’t contain animal by-products. Similar to food, this means no part of the animal or anything it may produce, for example: honey, beeswax, collagen, gelatin and cholesterol.

Most assume that because something is labelled “vegan” this means products are not tested on animals, however this not regulated – a product can be tested on animals and still legally claim to be “vegan”.

However, vegan beauty products are softer on the skin and safer than regular products, leaving out not only animal by products, but harmful chemicals, metals, and other harmful substances.

Some vegan makeup brands include: e.l.f, Barry M and B. Makeup.

What is cruelty-free?

Cruelty-free products are produced without any form of animal testing throughout the creation and production process.

However, the creation and production process are different and this allows brands to say their final products has not been tested on animals, while they actually mean the opposite. In some cases while going through the production stage some companies use raw materials that are tested on animals. So do keep in mind that not all products are 100% cruelty-free.

Even if the company itself doesn’t test on animals, there is also a process known as “required by law” that allows a third party to test products on animals to comply with various laws around the world. For example, animal testing is a requirement for all beauty products sold in China which is why most vegans avoid brands that are sold there.

However buying cruelty-free products is helpful and does ensure to that no animals are harmed in the process, but remember not all cruelty-free products are vegan which is why it’s recommended to research companies that are both.

Some cruelty-free beauty brands include: The Body Shop, Benecos and Beauty Without Cruelty.

10 Vegan and cruelty-free beauty and body product brands, according to PETA

1. Dr. Botanicals

2. Billy Jealousy

3. 7th Heaven

4. Pacifica Beauty

5. Arbonne

6. Spectrum Collections

7. Eco Tools

8. Mu London

9. skyn ICELAND

10. Beauty Without Cruelty

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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