Caring For Curly Hair: The dos and don’ts

When it comes to curly hair there is a lot of information out there, that’s because as a hair type it needs special attention.

What most people don’t know is that curly hair can be difficult to maintain because it is drier than straight hair which means it more prone to frizz and can become a tangled mess after a short walk outside.

Unfortunately there are a lot of curly girls out there who don’t know how to treat their hair, but no matter where you are in your hair care journey it’s never too late to save your curls.

DO try new products

In the beginning you may need to try new products to find what works best for your hair – not everybody is the same.

You may also find that you need to change your products again as your hair gets stronger. Don’t be afraid to change your products, especially if they’ve stopped giving you your desired result.

DO deep condition

Conditioner in general is a curly girls best friend, because curly hair is usually drier and you’ll probably need more than you think. Focus on the ends of your hair and roots, and avoid your scalp if you’re prone to an oily scalp.

For healthy looking curls, deep condition at least once a week – deep conditioning treatments help prevent breakage and ease frizz.

DO get regular hair cuts

Regular hair cuts are key to keeping your hair healthy – don’t let damaged hair weight you down. At the end of the day, length means nothing If the hair you’re holding onto is damaged and broken.

Consider regular six week trims, and talk to your hair dresser about maintaining length if that is a concern.

DO detangle from the bottom

Curly hair can tangle easy and it’s usually easier to work through when you’re in the shower, and your hair is full of conditioner. Start from the bottom and detangle the ends of your hair and make your way upwards – gently removing any knots.

DO apply products to wet hair

Always apply hair styling products to wet hair straight after a shower. This helps lock in moisture and prevent frizz.

DO refresh and protect

Refreshing your hair may be a new concept, many people with natural curls claim second-day hair is usually the best. So finding a cocktail of products, such as leave-in conditioners and curl define sprays for days three and four can add the moisture back into your hair between washes.

Also consider protective hair styles to protect your hair from damage – however, protective styles should not exceed eight weeks as they can lead to split ends and breakage.

DO wrap your hair before bed

Pillowcases are known to damage curly hair by tugging on the edges creating friction. Wrapping your hair up at night in a silk or satin bonnet ensures protection and the health of your curls.

DON’T wash your hair everyday

Every time you shampoo your hair you’re stripping away natural moisture, it’s better to wash your hair every three to four days.

DON’T towel dry

Regular towels disrupt curl patterns and cause frizz – if you must use a towel opt for a microfibre towel. Air drying and diffusers are preferable or even a cotton t-shirt.

DON’T brush it

If you have curly, this doesn’t need explaining.

DON’T be afraid to mix products

Finding the right products can be a difficult task, and take a lot of time and experimentation to find what works for you and remember what works for one person may not work for you. In many cases, the secret is finding a blend of products that work specifically for you.

UK brands I’ve used include: John Freida, Noughty Haircare, Inecto Pure and Catwalk Curls.

DON’T take down your styles until they’re completely dry

Make sure your hair is completely dry before before removing it from a style even if that means leaving it overnight, otherwise say hello to the frizz because natural hair tends to hold water at its roots.

DON’T over-use heating products

Too much heat can lead to dry and brittle hair – which will require a more intense haircare routine.

DON’T constantly wear your hair in a ponytail or updo

The edges of your hair are the most frail and require special consideration. Wearing tight hair styles such as ponytails and updos which tug on the edges can lead to breakage.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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