Gift Guide: GBBO-themed gifts for the Star Baker in your life

We all know a Star Baker, someone in our life who just loves to bake and whether they nail it or fail it you can’t help but support them.

As baking has been a growing hobby this year due to the pandemic it seems only right that we make a special gift guide suited for all the GBBO super fans.

1. The GBBO Subscription Box / £19.99 a month

Where to buy:

2. The Great British Bake Off: Love to Bake / £11

Where to buy:

3. Personalised Star Baker Apron / £17.95

4. Baking Wish Bracelet / £3

Where to buy:

5. The Great British Bake Off Family Planner / £9.99

Where to buy:

6. GBBO Socks / £13.42

Where to buy:

7. Personalised GBBO Obsessed Mug / £12.49

Where to buy:

8. The Great British Bake Off Recipe Folder / £12.99

Where to buy:

9. GBBO Top Trumps Card Game / £3.99

Where to buy:

10. GBBO Style Personalised Print / £4.99

Where to buy:

11. Cake Turntable & Decorating Supplies / £14.99

Where to buy:
Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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