19 Things to put in your Christmas Eve box

Christmas Eve is fast approaching, leaving little time to get all our Christmas shopping in order. Which means it’s about the right time to start thinking about Christmas Eve boxes.

You may put one together for your children, partner or even treat yourself to one, because they’re a wonderful part of Christmas Eve as you can make them unique and customise them to the person they’re being gifted to or; even theme it around a holiday tradition. Whether you fill it with hot chocolate and snacks for movie watching, or a blanket, soft toys and books for bedtime stories, or toiletries and bath bombs for a relaxing night in, each one shows thought and effort making it a very special gift.

Here are 19 ideas for this years Christmas Eve box:

1. Hot Chocolate & Mini Marshmallows

2. Christmas Pyjamas

3. Gingerbread

4. A Special Gift From Santa

5. A New Christmas Mug

6. Candy Canes

7. A Bedtime Story

8. A Soft Toy

9. Milk For Santa & Reindeer Snacks

10. A Letter To Santa

11. Chocolate Treats

12. Mulled Wine Kit

13. Something Creative

14. A Polaroid or Disposable Camera

15. Bath Bombs

16. Scented Candle

17. Festive Socks

18. Christmas Dress-Up Pieces

19. Santa’s Magic Key

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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