Three easy steps to clean your hairbrushes

We all know the importance of cleaning our makeup brushes, bedding, clothes and so on, however there seems to be one item in our beauty tool kit that often gets forgotten about.

Why do you need to clean your hair brush?

Like most beauty products hair brushes become dirty with repeated use and become clogged with clumps of broken hair, product residue, dead skin cells, dust mites and oil buildup. Imagine this, you’ve just washed your hair and it’s nice and clean. Then your reach for your hairbrush which you’ve used countless times on unwashed hair…

Well, think about it. Your dirty hairbrush is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, which can cause infections leading to a dry and itchy scalp and cause your hair to become greasy quicker. Why go to all the effort to clean your hair, if you’re going to then take a dirty brush and run all that grime back through your locks. That’s right, skipping regular cleanings can prevent your hairbrush from working correctly and cause it to deposit oil buildup and product residue back onto your strands.

So, how do you clean your hair brush? Well you can do it in three simple steps.

Step #1: Pre-cleanse your brush by removing excess hair – It is important to remove as much hair and “dirt” as possible from your hairbrush, because this will make cleaning it easier. Tools you may want to have handy include tweezers, or a pair of scissors to cut through stubborn strands.

TIP #1: It’s recommended you clean your hairbrushes in the bathroom and not the kitchen. The kitchen is where your cook food, and loose hair can be unhygienic.

Once you’ve finished picking out your hair, give your hairbrush a light tap over a rubbish bin, which should dislodge any hair or dust still on the brush.

TIP #2: This should be done at least once a week – the more often you clean it the easier it will become.

Step #2: Wash or soak your hairbrush – Fill the sink or a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of shampoo, or anti-bacterial hand wash. Let your hairbrush soak for about five minutes before thoroughly washing.

TIP #3: An unused toothbrush will come in handy, as they are great to gently buff away debris.

Before washing your hairbrush consider the type, as paddle brushes or tools with squishy bases have a tendency to trap water underneath which can be difficult to remove.

Take caution with wooden hairbrushes, as long-term exposure to water could affect its shelf-life so you may want to avoid soaking these altogether. Instead opt for a quick wash, which involves applying shampoo or anti-bacterial soap to the brush-head, massaging it in gently with your fingers (being careful not to hurt yourself) and rinsing it off under warm water.

TIP #4: Repeating this process about once or twice a month should keep bacteria at bay.

Step #3: Rinse well and let it air dry – Finally, let your hairbrush air dry.

If you’ve cleaned a paddle brush or tool with a squishy base, let it air dry on a towel with the bristles face down, so any excess water and escape.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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