We’ve just fallen in love with Lady Gaga’s new hair colour

Lady Gaga is a style icon and is know to surprise her fans with outrageous costume designs and hairstyles. While, 2020 has seen events modified due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also seen the “Stupid Love” singer change the way she approaches her style.

However, she continues to surprise us with her hair changes and has already tried a range of colours including pastel blue, blonde and bubblegum pink.

Now she has added lilac to that ever growing list of iconic shades, posting a photo to Instagram, Lady Gaga wrote: “This holiday it’s so important to #bekind #loveyourself #spreadjoynotgerms #staysafe.”

The singer can be seen wearing a pink, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt featuring the slogan, “Be Kind.” Styled to look like a dress, a trend often seen on other celebrities such as Ariana Grande, and influencers on Instagram because it’s comfy season, and pants are overrated.

Lady Gaga has given us some incredible hair moments this year, despite 2020 being a lacklustre year in terms of show-moments, including when she featured in the promotional video for Valentino Beauty, VOCE VIVA: My voice is what I stand for fragrance campaign which featured a platinum blonde “windswept” updo.

Gaga also served looks with pastel blue, sleek silver, bubblegum pink and blond locks this year, and continued to amaze with her stunning selfies.

If we can agree on anything, it’s that this woman can rock any hair colour, because anyone brave enough to wear a meat dress is pretty much unstoppable.

But it wasn’t just Gaga, during lockdown many people played around with temporary hair dyes while they were unable to see their hairdresser as a way to try something new, pass the time, or find a new sense of control in a world that didn’t quite make sense anymore.

Pink was actually the most popular colour among blondes, including celebrities such as Elle Fanning, Ireland Baldwin, and Lottie Moss, to former brunettes Dua Lipa, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ricky Martin, and Cruz Beckham.

Did you dye your hair a fun colour this year? let us know.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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