Stylish outfits to wear on Christmas Day even if you’re not leaving the house

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas Day, however this year options are limited and while we have the option to mix with two other households for five days during the festive period, it’s likely most of the day will be spent indoors.

There are two types of people on Christmas Day, the ones that wear their pyjamas or favourite loungewear all day, or the ones who get dressed up to the nines. However, this year has massively impacted the way we approach fashion, as most people have embraced loungewear making it one of the most sought-after clothing items.

We assume pyjamas and loungewear will still be popular on the 25th, but for the party people who are still looking to feel fabulous this year, we’ve picked out some of our favourite Christmas Day outfits.

Missguided Blazer Dress with Mesh Bow Waist Detail in Burgundy / £40.50

Where yo buy:

Emerald Green Tassel Plunge Jumpsuit / £36

Where to buy:

Short Sequin Dress / £34.99

Where to buy:

Sequin Long Sleeve Wrap Mini Dress / £40

Where to buy:

If you don’t want to put on your part pants this year and you’re looking for some new loungewear for a comfy day in, we’ve also edited down some of our favourite cosy Christmas Day pieces.

Grey Dungarees Jersey Jogger Cuff Jumpsuit / £25.20

Where to buy:

Black Knitted Loungewear Set / £20

Where to buy:

Take the Easy Option Hoodie and Trousers Lounge Set / £27.50

Where to buy:

Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set / £16.99

Where to buy:
Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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