12 Memorable fashion moments of 2020

Memorable is one word to describe 2020, as it’s likely we’ll be telling the story of the coronavirus pandemic and our year in lockdown to our grandchildren. But, there have been other memorable moments this year, including strides made in the fashion industry and the way we view what we wear.

At the beginning of the year we saw celebrities performing at events and appearing at movie premiers. Then the new normal hit and many events went digital and were live streamed for the world to watch. Celebrities still dressed to impress at the VMAs and magazine photoshoots continued to deliver high standards.

We’re taking a look back at the last 12 months at our most memorable fashion moments for 2020.

Candice’s favourite moments:

1. Harry Styles for Vogue Magazine

Harry Styles was hailed as a flag-bearer for gender-fluid fashion, and his icon Vogue cover continues to spark debate about transgressive moments. By far this has to be one of most iconic and memorable moments of 2020, and to you sir we salute.

2. Jade Thirlwall for Little Mix’s Sweet Melody music video

Jade Thirlwall has had some iconic fashion moments this year, but none have gotten as much praise than her look in the Sweet Melody music video. Old-school hip hop mixed with new school R&B means she didn’t just come to slay, she downright killed it.

3. Lady Gaga at the VMAs

Wearing not one but nine outfits to the VMAs, Lady Gaga brought her A-game to the stage and each outfit had its own matching face mask. But, her green ballgown served us a look we just can’t forget.

4. Jim Parsons for L’Officiel Fashion Book

After seeing Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory for 12 season, it was refreshing to see him out of his “Sheldon-suit” and dressed up in something more high-fashion. Getting to see a new side of Jim Parsons is definitely a memorable moment of 2020.

5. Hailey Bieber for Vogue India

Hailey Bieber is so effortlessly fashionable, she can make jeans and tee look high-end. One of my favourite 2020 moments was her cover shoot for Vogue India, because fashion doesn’t always have to be over the top, it can be stripped-back and still look high-fashion and she does it so well.

6. Kiernan Shipka for Refinery29

Since the release of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” in 2018, Kiernan Shipka has grown in popularity, making appearances on a number of magazine covers, her photoshoot with Refinery29 back in February shows off a stunning fashion moment which features a camel coloured dress with spot and sash detailing.

Faye’s favourite moments:

7. Billie Eilish for the Grammys

Five. Yes five. And the girl deserved every one of them. But while she bagged five of those beauties, she also stole the show with her amazing style. Billie is known for all things cool but head-to-toe Gucci was just what we needed to see – bucket hat and face-mask included. There’s co-ordination, then there’s Billie for the Grammys. Go big or go home, right?

8. Shakira & Jennifer Lopez for the Super Bowl

I couldn’t pick one over the other in this iconic fashion moment. Just look at these beautiful ladies. I mean, you can’t show up at the SuperBowl in nothing less than spectacular but, wow, Shakira and Jlo killed it. They were shining stars in silver and gold.

9. Jennifer Aniston for the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Classy is the only way to ever describe Jennifer Aniston – and this is the content we’ve craved since she FINALLY made an Insta. She’s clearly got the ‘no wrinkles’ dress travelling down to a tee and didn’t she look a vision in white for SAGA? But would we really expect anything less?

10. Princess Beatrice for her wedding day

I couldn’t miss out the wedding of the year. Sorry JA but Princess Beatrice was the real vision in white. Just look at her. I can only wish I look as radiant on my wedding day (if there ever is one).

11. Billy Porter for the virtual Emmy Awards

I promise this is my last vision in white reference, but as Billy says, this really is more of a “whole mood.” The glow up is real. The train just adds to the absolute glamour in this head-to-toe white get-up. We can only wish for such style.

12. Margot Robbie for the Birds of Prey Premiere

Feathers and bright pink gloves, it’s a controversial favourite but I think Margot looked great. Her outfit had a hint of 80s which I love, but maybe it’s just because I love Margot? Let me know if I’m wearing rose-tinted glasses for this one.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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