20 positive things to come out of 2020

What a hell of a year! We’re leaving the negativity in the past and focusing on the positive things to come out of this year

Faye’s picks:

  1. Captain Sir Tom Moore: an inspiration.
  2. Respect for the NHS: well-deserved.
  3. Kindness: long may it last.
  4. Black Lives Matter: so important.
  5. Marcus Rashford: another inspiration.
  6. Less pollution: long may that last.
  7. Vaccines: the end is near.
  8. Improved priorities: less is more.
  9. Improved baking: yum.
  10. Loungwear: cosy fashion.

Candice’s picks:

  1. Quality time with family: super important.
  2. Kamala Harris: making history as the first female US Vice President.
  3. Finding time for ourselves: may the self-love continue.
  4. Positive political change: more gay and bisexual men can now give blood.
  5. Lashana Lynch: the first Black female 007.
  6. Free and universal access to period products: YES Scotland!
  7. Animals on the brink of extinction make a comeback: amazing news.
  8. Sustainable fashion: more people are becoming environmentally conscious.
  9. Africa declared free of polio: Finally.
  10. Scientific developments: rejoice in the news that a plastic-eating super-enzyme has been developed.
Faye Dixon

Lifestyle Journalist and Blogger from the North East.

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