21 Fashion-blogger approved ways to wear the winter coat that never goes out of style

Trends come in and out of style every season, but there is one winter coat that never goes out of style – the trench coat. The origin of the trench coat dates back before the First World War, but was later adapted for Army officers to wear – quite literally – in the trenches, hence the name.

It was during the Great War that this classic garment took the shape and style we know today, and it still carries military influences. However, after the war officers continued to wear their trench coats at home, with Burberry and Aquascutum being leading menswear and sportswear designers at the time. This added to the trench coats popularity in civilian life and eventually became a coat of distinction and recognition.

While, many may not know the rich history of the trench coat it continues to grow in popularity and is usually a top choice, even among those who aren’t really into fashion, and over the years, the trench coat has evolved, now available in various lengths, colours and patterns.

Initially the trench coat can seem deceiving as a large and long coat that covers most of your outfit would seem hard to style, but these fashion bloggers prove that even this winter coat can go from the trenches to the runway.

1. itsjustinesjournal

2. freyakillin

3. alexxcoll

4. helenacritchley

5. lauraslittlelocket

6. iamcharlotteolivia

7. fashioninflux

8. emilyshak

9. amaka.hamelijnck

10. emmanuelk_

11. basicstouch

12. deaavdulla

13. kristyjgreen

14. chloehayward_

15. naomigenes

16. cocobeautea

17. nadiyaanya_

18. amyfuchsia

19. Vitaliia

20. waityouneedthis

21. imhannahwhiting

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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