Eight mindset podcasts to inspire your life, business and relationship goals

Do you have goals you want to achieve this year? Sometimes towards the beginning we can find ourselves full of motivation and ready to achieve those goals with all our energy, but after a while the motivation begins to dull and that spark dies. For instance, you’ve had a bad at work, or you’ve been given some bad news and this can cause a ripple affect in our lives that does affect our motivation. The difficult part is finding it again — welcome to the world of podcasts.

Podcasts range in subjects and one topic that saturates the market is mindset, motivational speakers and positivity gurus all ready to share personal experiences and advice to help inspire people and help them succeed and reach their goals.

The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. Substitute them for your normal commute playlist, pop one on when you’re cooking in the kitchen or doing the laundry, or if you have a dog listen to one when you’re out on a walk, your options are endless. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. The Rise & Conquer Podcast with Georgie Stevenson

The Rise & Conquer podcast is perfect for people who want to take action in their lives, providing actionable advice on self-confidence and the appropriate steps to achieve your goals.

2. The Mindset Mentor Podcast with Rob Dial and Kast Media

The Mindset Mentor podcast is designed for anyone looking for motivation and the desire to find focus and dedication in their life.

3. The Mind Love Podcast with Melissa Monte

The Mind Love podcast are weekly episodes of self-love mentoring that use real life stories and evidence based research to help you lead a more purposeful life.

4. On Purpose Podcast with Jay Shetty

The On Purpose podcast hosted by Jay Shetty is more conversation based, where he talks to people from all over the world and shares their enlightening stories.

5. The Ella Ringrose Podcast with Ella Ringrose

The Ella Ringrose podcast aims to help women step into their true potential, talking mindset, femininity, being the best version of you and sharing personal stories along the way.

6. The Positive Pants Podcast with Fran Excell

Fan Excell is a subconscious success mentor who uses her training and experience to show you how to let go of negativity, unconscious habits, and limiting beliefs to help you rebuild your confidence and give you the tools to achieve your goals.

7. Mental Makeover Podcast with Lauren Curtis

The Mental Makeover podcast shares relatable stories and honest advice on all things happiness, self-love, relationships and reaching your goals, hosted by Youtuber Lauren Curtis.

8. Earn Your Happy Podcast with Lori Harder

The Earn Your Happy podcast aims to help you break through your fears, connect to your soul, and help you get focused to help elevate your life, business and relationships — each episode is designed to give you the tools, ideas and inspiration to take action in your life.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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