Five S/S21 fashion trends you can add to your home

Fashion Weeks are an exciting time for the industry as they influence fashion and beauty trends for the upcoming year. While some designs can be outrageous and often something the average person would never wear day-to-day signature elements become staple parts of our wardrobes such as plaid or checks, leather, feathers or ruffles.

Naturally, high-street brands begin to take these elements and work them into their own collections for our consumption. But, we can also work these trends into other areas of our lives, like our homes. So, here are five S/S21 trends you can work into your home.

1. Heritage Crochet

The idea of heritage crochet was everywhere in the S/S21 runway and is likely to have a strong influence this year, with dresses from Gabriela Hearst and Christopher Esber being key players.

Skye Tassel Throw Crochet Knit / £135

Where to buy:

Crochet Basket Medium / £28

Where to buy:

Boho Wall Hanging Crochet / £3.69

Where to buy:

2. Red

Red is a powerful colour, and packed a punch in the S/S21 collections from designers like Valentino and Fendi. The thought provoking colour can bring vibrancy, passion and adventure to the wearer and your home.

Large Ceramic Tealight Holder / £3

Large Ceramic Tealight Holder (17cm x 10cm)
Where to buy:

Falcon Enamel Teapot / £28

Where to buy:

Margo Selby for John Lewis Faversham Towels / £25

Where to buy:

3. Fantasy Florals

Flowers peppered the runway for S/S21 collections seen at Rodarte, Anna Sui and Erdem with so,e designers taking an all-over approach by mixing head-to-toe florals.

Pastel China Blossom Porcelain Bowls / £28.95

Where to buy:

Pressed Flowers Hexagonal Coaster Set / £9.99

Where to buy:

‘Blooming Lovely’ Floral Jug / £12.73

4. Sorbet Pastel Tones

Pastel tones were huge on the runway and sorbet inspired hues are perfect for summer, and can elevate an overall aesthetic when it comes to design.

Pastel Retro Suitcases / £23

Where to buy:

Toppu Cakestand In Caramel / £46.50

Where to buy:

Pastel White Garland / £14.22

Where to buy:

5. Shop Sustainably & Locally

Shopping locally means our money is going back into the local fashion economy, and by supporting labels that rely on thrifting or donations means we produce less waste.

North East businesses:

Real White Butterfly / £30

Where to buy:

The Note Coffee Print / £7.50

Where to buy:

The Puffin / £3

Where to buy:

Don’t forget you can also scout your local charity shops, such as The British Heart Foundation or Banardo’s for homeware who rely on donations to shop more sustainable.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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