From the tropics to the spa – five hand sanitisers that will leave you smelling sweet

Before 2020 there were little reasons to buy hand sanitiser for everyday use. Thanks to COVID-19 the product had earned a place in our handbags, cars and pockets to keep us safe when we’re out and about, and much like hand wash and anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitisers have been given a fancy makeover – and thank goodness!

While the product may have earned it place in our lives over the last year, you can’t deny most come with a unpleasant and strong smell of alcohol and some can even leave your hands feeling a little sticky. Luckily brands have come to our aid developing new hand sanitisers that both cleanse and smell great.

We’ve picked our favourite fragrances hand sanitisers which all have an alcohol content of 60% or above, the recommended amount from the World Health Organisation.

1. Mango Hand Cleanse Gel / £2.50

Where to buy:

2. Watermelon Sanitiser Mist / £3.99

Where to buy:

3. Original Citrus Hand Sanitiser Spray / £3.99

Where to buy:

4. Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel / £2.50

Where to buy:

5. Sanctuary Spa Antibacterial Hand Gel / £4

Where to buy:
Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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