Demand for Converse increase after Vogue cover shoot with Kamala Harris

The global demand for Converse have jumped, according to Lyst. The popular shoe brand topped the list of the most wanted trainer while Chuck Taylors have been searched for on average five times every minute, since the release of Vogue US featuring Kamala Harris on the front cover over the weekend.

Vice-President elect, Kamala Harris can be seen wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with rolled cuffs, a textured blazer, necklace and a pair of classic Converse. The image is conservative and politically sophisticated, and their choice to represent Kamala this way is smart in regards to her political career.

However, the public have clapped-back at Vogue for this representation, believing they’ve missed an opportunity with this cover shoot, one commented: “Amazing woman! Not so amazing cover unfortunately. Sadly a missed opportunity for Vogue.”

Another said: “This looks like a test shot.”

While most have questioned the styling completely, and some asking where her power blue suit is.

Despite public concerns, it doesn’t change the fact that Converse sales have increased since the release of this image, meaning on some level it’s held enough power to influence shoppers. This speaks massively to Vogue as a brand, because it means even when they “get it wrong” they still get it right.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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