Sarah Millican talks home baking in new podcast

The second episode of the Waitrose’s new Life on a Plate podcast featured award-winning Geordie comedian Sarah Millican, as she talked all things home baking

Sarah appeared in episode two of the podcast, published on January 14th. During the conversation, Sarah spoke about her passion for baking, what she eats on tour and how she and her family show their love through food.

Sarah reminisced back to her childhood and recalled getting in from school and making dinner for her family which would be “out of the freezer, into the oven.”

Sarah said: “When you’re raised in a house where someone puts a meal in front of you, however it’s made, whether it’s microwaved or whatever, there’s still care and love involved.”

The first time Sarah says she experimented with cooking was when she was first married and would have people over, when she would make chicken pasta.

Usually being on tour often (in normal circumstances), Sarah admits to eating out a lot, but loves being cooked for. However, she did reveal that she is more of a baker. She said: “I’m more of a baker than a cook. I don’t trust anybody who doesn’t like cake. I’m a massive workaholic and a few years ago when we moved to the countryside and it wasn’t quite so manic all of the time, I started to bake.

“A friend of mine gave me a massive list of things I should have in my kitchen – ingredients and equipment and utensils. But every now and then, I’ll find an eight-year-old jar of nutmeg and think ‘she was wrong – nutmeg’s never come up!’

“Whenever Bake Off is on, I like to bake along. I do a cake or biscuits every week and my favourite is a chocolate and banana cake. I don’t do fancy icing, I don’t always do fillings. This cake needs neither. It’s not pretty but it’s delicious. 

“I can’t not eat something sweet when Bake Off is on. I also enjoy the variety of responses I get [on Twitter] when I ask what people are eating [during the show] – sometimes it’s a Twirl and other people have got a croquembouche!”

We can so relate.

The Life on a Plate podcast is available from all platforms, with a new episode every Thursday. Find out more here.

Faye Dixon

Lifestyle Journalist and Blogger from the North East.

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