Top five iconic moments from Sex and the City

With the Sex and the City revival confirmed, we can’t contain our excitement. So we’ve been taking a look back at the best moments from the stylish series.

When Carrie falls on the runway

When Carrie fell on the runway at New York Fashion Week in season four, she still looked glam as she tripped, and chose to style it out, showing how important it is to get up and brush yourself off in bad situations. But it was pretty funny when Heidi Klum stepped over her.

When Miranda proposes to Steve

Miranda and Steve were just adorable together, but Miranda proposing was the last thing fans expected. We love her for that.

When Carrie tells Big to forget he knows her name

When Mr. Big shows up to try to win her back, Carrie stops him saying: “forget you ever knew my name!” Iconic.

When Smith shaves his head

Battling breast cancer, Samantha decides to cut off all her hair and Smith does the same in order to show his support – so romantic.

The Finale

When Carrie realises that NYC is where she really belongs, it’s just so emotional.

What are your favourite moments from SATC?

Faye Dixon

Lifestyle Journalist and Blogger from the North East.

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