Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2021

Cervical screenings or “Smear Tests” are the best way to protect against cervical cancer.

Last year was challenging, and we will likely continue to face similar challenges this year as the coronavirus pandemic has added additional difficulties to woman attending their appointments.

Cervical cancer prevention week aims to to ensure many people as possible have reliable information and support about smear tests, results and any changes due to the pandemic.

Can I go for my smear test?

You could help one of your friends or family members book a test and save their life. Many are unsure if they can or should go for their screening at the moment. If you’ve been invited it’s because your GP practise has taken measures to keep your safe while at the surgery, if you have an appointment, government guidance says you’re allowed to go.

Get involved in Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

  • Smear your lipstick and take a photo. Why? Because it grabs attention
  • Post it on social media using #SmearForSmear
  • Include a message about the importance of smear tests, tell your friends and family where they can access tips and support
  • Ask them to get involved too
  • Don’t forget to be kind. It can be a really difficult test for lots of people, especially at the moment

Find out more information about cervical cancer prevention week here.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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