Review: You Are The Revolution Makeup Set Box

With a whopping line up of 12 exclusive products from Revolutution, Faye was thrilled to recieve this makeup set for Christmas. Here’s her review

Price: £30

This set is ideal for party season – whenever we can go to parties that is. It’s all the glam you’d want and everything you’d expect from Revolution’s high-pigment, good-quality beauty range.

We love:
The bristles on the brushes are super soft.
There’s a good range of shades in the contour palette.
The lipsticks are very creamy and easy to apply.

We’d change:
There’s lots of lip products and eye products; it would be nice to see a mascara or eyeliner in there.
The lipgloss isn’t as sparkly as it looks in the tube.
The primer is great for medium skin tones but too dark for Faye’s skin.

Our look:

Faye used the lightest shade in the contour palette and the ‘smokey eye’ palette. The highlight isn’t as dark as it looks in the pan, so she mixed it with the gold one from the contour palette.

What do you think?

Faye Dixon

Lifestyle Journalist and Blogger from the North East.

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