We’re seeking wellness with John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners have seen five times more searches for wellness products on its website this January as we’ve been in another lockdown.

It seems customers are embracing selfcare with the help of weighted blankets, SAD lamps and candles, according to the chain.

The usual energy we feel in the start of the new year hasn’t been as easy this time around, especially when it’s been so difficult to seperate working and home life. So, we’re turning to John Lewis experts for help.

Sleep is at the heart of selfcare. Unna Patel, Partner & Filled Bedding Buyer said: “Creating the right ambient temperature, both in the room and via bedding is another important factor. Don’t confuse weight with warmth, as top quality down duvets may feel very light but they are expert at keeping you toasty.”

Weighted blankets continue to be popular with customers (170% more compared to last year). With their success, John Lewis recently introduced weighted eye masks too.

Let There Be Light
A lamp that can actually help you get up and out of bed in the winter mornings which may be why their SAD lamps have proved so popular. The lamp stimulates a sunrise, helping you to naturally wake up in a gentle way.  

Natural Decor
Partner and Home Design Stylist, Bethan Harwood said: “If you are looking to create a bedroom retreat, colours that are soft on the eye and make you feel calm are the ones to look towards. These tend to be the colours you see in nature, greens, blues and earthy neutrals. I recommend a monochromatic scheme where your colour palette is tonal to avoid visual clutter. Natural textures such as rattan, cotton and linens help to create a cosy and comfortable setting whilst still keeping the space fresh. They are tactile and blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors.”

The luxury trend that we should indulge in this winter season is bathscaping. Surrounding your bath with candles and take away all the electronics to feel the full benefit.

Rosie Chalk, Partner and Assistant Buyer, Bath Shop said: “This year has allowed us to take time for ourselves, to enjoy our home comforts and simple pleasures like creating the perfect bath landscape. Our customers love natural materials which is why we introduced our bamboo range last year. Bamboo is fast-growing, lightweight and durable making it a kinder alternative for your bathroom. It’s natural properties pair well with plants, candles and music creating the ideal bathscape. A truly relaxing atmosphere and a chance to forget about the daily troubles.”

Sales of storage are through the roof with storage units selling more than 162% compared to last year as people are making the most of their space.

Customers have turned to the nostalgic trend of embroidery and cross stitching to relax and unwind.

Sophie Burton, Partner and Haberdashery Assistant Buyer said: “Our craft kits are proving popular with customers during lockdown as sales are up +67% compared to this time last year as customers switch off and unwind with embroidery and needlework. We’re offering more choice and variety for those looking for a new project this year and encouraging customers to use crafting as part of their self care routine.”

John Lewis & Partners are offering plenty of free events next month through their experience page to help you continue your selfcare:

  • How to organise your wardrobe in 5 easy steps: tips, tricks & gadget free – January 28
  • Easy drawing techniques with Derwent – February 1
  • Personalise your life with Cricut machines – February 2
  • An introduction to hand embroidery with Hawthorn Handmade – February 10
  • Make a ‘Sew me up’ hedgehog & hoglet with Apples to Pears – February 15
  • How to use Derwent inktense watercolours – February 15
  • Learn to weave with Wool Couture – February 17
  • Sew felt puppies with the Crafty Kit Company – February 18
  • Kids art and craft workshop with Lionheart – February 19

Find your next selfcare must-have at www.johnlewis.com

Faye Dixon

Lifestyle Journalist and Blogger from the North East.

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