Drag Race UK Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Morning Glory

In the fourth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2, the queens went live in an improv challenge as morning television hosts.

The realisation that top runner Asttina had just been eliminated has everyone on edge after elimination. Both A’Whora and Tayce were not shy about voicing their opinions that Tia Kofi should have left the competition due to her being “basic”.

The next morning, Tayce was quick to bring up this topic again saying Tia needs to “level up” in order to change the opinion among the queens that’s she’s basic. However, despite the jabs A’Whora has made on her look, she did confess that Tia has improved since joining the competition and that last week her makeup was the best it’s been so far.

When RuPaul arrived for the mini challenge, “The Great British Fake Off” each queen was given a baked good and asked to sell it to Ru in a comedic way. Naturally, there were some dirty innuendos made but it was Bimini’s clever Brexit humour regarding a Belgium Bun that had Ru in stitches.

This weeks maxi challenge were the queens were asked to present a morning talk show “Morning Glory” live, which would test their ability to improvise on set. As winner of the mini challenge Bimini got to choose her role first, and the other queens chose their roles accordingly. Interestingly Veronica held back — she claims intentionally — to let the others get the roles they want and she would take what was left, to give herself a challenge that she could “live up to.” Another unexpected twist, Tia Kofi and A’Whora paired up as the Essex Queens for the shopping on a budget segment. Ultimately a bold move by the two considering their conflicted opinions of each other.

During Ru’s walk around, he asked Veronica about her strategy when picking her role, but was unconvinced by her explanation and seemed unsure that she’d be able to pull off goth. On the other side of the werk room, A’Whora and Tia told Ru that it was nice to finally get the chance to know each other as their paths had not really crossed since entering the competition.

On the set of “Morning Glory” which was being directed by TV personality Lorraine Kelly she advised the queens that if something went wrong to just roll with it and move on, because mistakes happen even on live TV. The first segment was Bimini and Tayce as the main hosts, the pair bounced off each other well in an amusing “slut shots” bit, which had Lorraine giggling the whole time. She also noted the attention to detail, such as Bimini holding her cue cards upside down.

Next was Veronica and Sister as party planner goth girls, which as a performance fell flat. Veronica lacked humour, while Sister seemed to let Veronica lead the show and held back, sabotaging herself. Lawrence and Ellie played the part of “dragony nieces” a twist on the classic agony aunt, where Lawrence once again proved herself as the comedy queen, stealing the show without overshadowing her partner Ellie, who managed to feed off Lawrence’s energy,

Money-saving experts, Tia and A’Whora had the best chemistry of all the pairs — who would have thought? — they shared the spotlight as two Essex girls in a “gravel vajazzle” bit, which allowed us to see a new side of A’Whora who proved she could do funny as well as fashion. She later noted that this was the first time she felt like she “really let go” during the competition. Finally, presenting the weather was Ginny as a hippy, whose wacky sense of humour only seemed to confuse those watching, and at no point did she actually tell us the weather.

On elimination day the girls gathered to reflect on their performances. They agreed that the surprise of the day was Tia and A’Whora working well together. While, Veronica was ready to take the blame for her and Sister’s performance going badly, and Sister was happy to agree with her. Later, Sister opened up to Ginny about her personal insecurities and why she feels like they’re holding her back in the competition, expressing that the pressure of the show makes it hard for her to overcome the voices in her head that hold her back from being more expressive.

The most emotional moment of the show thus far was seeing A’Whora break down her walls and confide in Tia, when she went to apologise for the comments she’s made about her being “basic.” A’Whora told Tia about her own insecurities which stem from a place of loneliness, saying she doesn’t have a lot of “drag friends” because people find her bitchy. Her confession came with the sadness of her being pulled down by people in her life for being camp, and as a result she tears others down to make herself being better. A’Whora broke-down crying during the confessional, where she said that she created A’Whora so she wouldn’t have to be alone anymore — and you better believe that we cried with her. The beauty of this moment was seeing, A’Whora and Tia come together. Tia accepted her apology, and even apologised herself for calling her “bitchy” and even joked “so are we best friends yet?” Maybe with their developing friendship we will see A’Whora open up a little more, and express the vulnerability the judges are wanting to see on the runway, and with A’Whora by her side Tia may be able to get some makeup and fashion tips so the other queens can stop calling her basic.

On the main stage category is… Monster Mashup. First to walked was Veronica who came out as a stunning rendition of Medusa with a pig face — odd choice but weirdly it worked! She was followed by Sister as blue werewolf wrapped up like a mummy. Bimini naturally stayed on brand with something sexy, with a playboy bunny devil look, Tayce slayed with a mashup of the Bride of Frankenstein and a vampire, Ginny went neon as toxic waste. Lawrence proving creative once more referenced several horror movies including Sweeny Todd and Silence of the Lambs with a dress made from “human skin” featuring her own face, Ellie chose to mashup a werewolf and goblin for her drag creation. Tia walked the runway as a voodoo priestess, and probably pulled off her best look so far, and finally A’Whora went full glam as a zombie with exposed brain.

Once again Lawrence was named the challenge winner, and became the first queen to win two RuPeter badges. A’Whors and Bimini were called out as safe, and oddly Veronica — who most queens expected to be in the bottom after her lacklustre improv performance. That left best friends Ginny and Sister in the bottom battling it out in the lip sync to Kim Wilde’s “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” In a show that was already full of surprises, Ginny chose to concede and instead of performing blew a kiss to the judges and waved goodbye before leaving backstage via the catwalk. Sister who had something to prove after a disappointing week continued despite Ginny’s absence and SLAYED. Naturally, as the only one left fighting for her place, Ru was happy to tell Sister: “Shantay, you stay.”

Back in the werk room, Ginny told the cameras that it was impossible for her to go up against her sister in the competition and it was a choice she made for herself. However, earlier in the werk room after the judges critiques, she had already checked out and seemed unwilling to fight for her place if it came down to it.

NEXT WEEK: RuPaul sounds the alarm in the werk room and tells all the queens to “Sashay Away” as the competition is put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic getting worse, during the time the show was filmed.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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