Meet this years emerging designers for PLITZS New York Fashion Week showcase

The PLITZS New York City Fashion Week showcase is coming up on February 13, 2021 during New York fashion week.

PLITSZ aims to work with emerging fashions designers to connect creativity, with diversity and affordability. Style-and-Wear were invited to an exclusive press junket via zoom to get to know this years emerging designers, Chrystel Anne Clasicas, Johnny Abstract, Teta Gibson and Qiana Tarah.

Chrystel Anne

Chrystel Anne is a filipino designer, based in Dubai and caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Her focus is on luxury made-to-order fashion, each garment is made special for her customers as she doesn’t stock product, making her brand unique.

Chrystel said: “I started my brand during the pandemic because I noticed a buying shift. I wanted to make my brand different from every other brand everywhere, hand made by me and to treat each piece with care, and each customer with care.”

Inspired by recent trends, Chrystel loves structural monuments and her culture, saying: “I love to show people where I’m from as a designer and as a brand.”

Johnny Abstract

Johnny Abstract has been in the fashion industry for two years, and is local to New York City. Before COVID-19 his brand had much success, including runway shows. He has since moved his brand online.

Johnny said: “The pandemic has taught designers to be more creative a find different ways to sustain themselves financially.

“As a designer you can’t let anything stop you from creating, it’s not about us losing work, it’s about us taking a bold stand to overcome any situation.”

Teta Gibson

Teta is the youngest of the four aged only 19, her collection focuses on African and European influences, and caters for women of all shapes and sizes. While she won’t be showcasing her new collection until May, she’s sure to stun with vibrant colours and patterns.

Teta said: “When I first started nobody told me I needed to have products on-hand, and I had to have samples made.

“PLITZS has helped me, whenever we talk they give me advise and got me back on my feet and I’m not going to fail. My designs are very freestyle, textured and colourful.”

Qiana Tarah

Excited for her New York City debut, Qiana Tarah has finally ventured out on her own after 15 years in the fashion industry. With her own made-to-order line available on Amazon, her new collection will see rebel chic influences.

Qiana said: “I noticed a gap in the market, a lot of designers change the silhouette for plus size women, but they benefit from the same silhouette and want it to stay the same.

“I love glitz and glam, I love tuxedos and long line dresses, and mixing masculine and feminine and I have an obsession with bow ties.

“I would love to see my my clothing gender neutral, and would love to see anyone wear my designs.”

Overall, each designer agreed that moving online during the pandemic was beneficial to their business as they were able to reach a wider audience, Johnny expressed his appreciation to broadcast runway shows, while Chrystel said going virtual is more inclusive and allows designers to be more creative.

PLITZS Chief Consultant, Wayne Shields spoke about the industry’s ability to quickly adopt to technology and go digital since the pandemic. As their own fashion show will be broadcast virtually this year instead of their usual 200-seated venue, he said: “Instead of socially distancing our audience 6ft apart we’re live streaming the show, which limits staff and keeps people safe.

“We won’t abandon this post-pandemic. We want to maintain the duality of presenting things in a virtual format.”

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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