How IDA put sustainable fashion brands at the forefront of its design awards

On Tuesday, February 9 the 2021 International Design Awards (IDA) recognise and honoured some of the worlds best examples of sustainable fashion, from sculptural shoe designs to jewellery inspired by the environment and ecological trainers made with 97% natural materials.

The International Design Awards were founded by The Farmani Group in 2007 and has now become one of the leading design awards globally, they recognise, celebrate, and promote legendary designers and uncover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design.

Fashion design of the year by V Visionary Limited is a sustainable collection crafted and curated by Vickie Au.

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Vickie is a talented designer with a strong background in fashion, she said: “We believe that sustainable initiatives are the key to bring positive impacts in making a better environment to the community and world.”

The awarded collection, “Revisit” by V Visionary worked alongside experienced-profession, fashion and apparel stakeholders to design and customize sustainable and ethical products.

Awarded with a Bronze in the accessories category, Studio Variously is a sustainable brand based in Michigan.

Studio Variously has collaborated with some of the most skilled heritage artisanal clusters in India and Nepal to develop their pieces by supporting ethical production practices. The brand explores minimal design, and combines environment friendly materials like natural yarn and organic dyes free of toxic chemicals. Lead designer, Anjali Purohit commented: “We seek beauty in slow made textiles that bring people & their cultural stories together.”

Awarded Gold, MIRET ecological sneakers are made with 97% natural materials and combine strong natural fibres which are kind to your feet as much as they are kind to nature.

Credit: Photography and Editing by Timy Šarec

Designer, Hrvoje Boljar said: “We are using 10 amazing plants: hemp, kenaf, linen, cork tree, wood, corn, jute, eucalyptus, rubber tree and New Zealand wool to craft our 97% ecological MIRET sneakers. We are industry insiders who have used our manufacturing expertise to redesigned sneakers from the bottom up, making them compatible with nature.”

Born and raised in Shanghai, Qingyi Dong founded a LA-based slow fashion brand named BIG WHITE TOTE in 2018. The brand concept was inspired by “The True Cost” a documentary film that explores the ugliness of fast fashion industry.

Believing that you can transfer feelings through handmade items, the brand provides young professionals with day-to-day urban accessories that are not mass produced.

The 2021 International Design Awards (IDA) was the most successful in its 14 year history, attracting thousands of outstanding design companies and designers around the world.

Jury member of Ihe IDA Cristiano Magni, President and Founder, Cristiano Magni Public Relations, commented: “Attention and respect for the environment is not only an ethical issue but also a business issue. Consumers are becoming more and more receptive to this topic and are looking for designers to teach them how to look great while generating the least possible impact on waste and pollution.”

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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