Drag Race UK Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: RuRuVision

In the fifth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2, the queens competed in two musical groups at the RuRuVision song contest.

We had questions and they’ve been answered. As you may know contestants are asked to wear the same clothes in the confessional for continuity purposes (similar to the way contestants on the GBBO wear the same clothing during filming of the show). Well the seven month break the queens spent in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic which halted filming of the show explains why Tayce’s hair is two different colours but that is nothing in comparison to the changes seen in Sister Sister who has had more than just a nip-and-tuck, returning to the competition with new veneers and is it too far to say, a new face?

Naturally, a seven month break from the show explains the change in the queens appearances, however as viewers we also expected to see a progression in their drag. With the entertainment business shutdown during lockdown, this would have given them ample opportunity to hone in on their craft. However, the biggest shock was Veronica Green not returning to the competition, unfortunately having tested positive for COVID-19. Luckily, due to the circumstances she was given an open invitation to return for season three – which means we’re getting a season three!

Of course this is when Ru pulls a hat-trick decided to bring back one of the eliminated queens to take her place. Ginny Lemon, chose not to return along with a Joe Black, Cherry Valentine and Asttina Mandella to compete for the open space.

The eliminated queens were asked to make their case to the remaining queens, who would then vote for who should return. The choice almost seemed to obvious, as the queen eliminated first has no time to prove herself in the competition Joe Black was voted to return.

This weeks challenge was to form two girl groups and compete in the RuRuVisiom song contest, where they were asked to write their own lyrics, record them and come up with their own choreography for an on stage performance to RuPauls’s UK Hun?

As winner of the last main challenge Lawrence Chaney and returning queen Joe Black where team captains. Lawerence’s team consisted of Tayce, A’Whora and Bimini and Joe’s team had Sister, Ellie and Tia.

While we root for our northern girls, we have to admit we love an underdog and Tia Kofi have proven herself as someone who shouldn’t be underestimated, especially in a challenge but we had really hoped by episode five, and a seven month break she would have stepped up her fashion game – and apparently do did Ru.

Joe’s group BananaDrama and Lawerence’s group the United KingDolls both recorded and choreographed their parts, with strengths and weaknesses in both groups. When these challenges arise it’s clear early on who struggles and who excels, and while some queens can surprise you and overcome their bad dancing or singing (with a little auto tune – or a lot) some don’t, and it’s easy to predict the weak performs of the week.

Unfortunately, before the two teams even made it to the main stage it was easy to see which team would win and which would lose. This came down to a weak link on Joe’s team – Joe. With two dancers on his team Tia and Ellie he should have had a strong team with top notch choreography, however they were jilted by Joe who kept saying: “We need to make this as simple as possible for me.” Instead of telling Joe to up his game, they accommodated him which was their downfall. It does beg the question if Joe had mobility issues, a medical reason or just couldn’t dance?

What made the United KingDolls strong as a team was their working dynamic. Lawrence, who was not the best dancer and made many mistakes in comparison to his team mates was determined to keep up with the fast paced choreography they had laid out of their performance. Furthermore, Tayce encouraged Lawrence and insisted that the team wouldn’t move on from a part until everyone knew their steps, helping Lawrence to succeed not fail.

It’s not hard to tell who won this weeks challenge. First to perform were the United KingDolls or as Ru liked to call them the UKD who gave an excellent and energetic performance. BananaDrama, however delivered a static and repetitive routine, but the most disappointing thing was that for drag queens it was like they’d never seen a girl group before. None of them seemed to think of coordinating their outfits, other than colour coordinating. Tia looked like she was at a 70s disco, Ellie looked like a child’s dolly, Sister dressed like the “girl next door” country addition — and on a side note, we did not recognised Sister with her makeup on! Girl really does have a new face and the worst of them all Joe dressed for a cabaret in the 1930s, all that was missing was a martini. Individually they looked okay, as a whole – NO!

On the runway, category is… “A Day At The Seaside” which inspired some creative looks, from Bimini’s blue lace parasol and Tayce’s netting styled with shells and starfish to Lawrence’s fluorescent Orange lifesaver dress to Joe’s windswept tourist. However, both Sister and A’Whora walked the runway as a bag of chips, which turned it into a who wore it better debate and as the self-confessed fashionista, A’Whora clearly won.


The losing team received a backlash from the judges, Tia received critique for her ice-cream dress which was unflattering for her frame and hen she tells Ru she’s going to step up her game, Ru growls: “You said that last time.”

Yes, episode five is officially the most dramatic episode of the season. It appears as if the self-isolation the judges endured before filming has taken it toll. As a viewer we could see the annoyance on mama Ru’s face and feel the tension through that screen, so we can only imagine what being in that room must have felt like. It was Joe Black who sent Ru off the edge, after admitting the dress she wore during the challenge was off the rack, from H&M. “If it is from H&M, you better glitter the fuck out of it and make it something special,” Ru shouts “Don’t waste my time. I don’t want to see any fucking H&M. I want more!”

The irony of this episode, is that Asttina won the first week wearing an ASOS jacket… Which all the queens read her for – but if we remember correctly, it was glittery.

In the lip sync if was Tia and Joe, who appeared to have upped her lip sync game since the first episode. However, Tia continues to prove herself as a strong competitor and once again saved herself from elimination, promising to up her game next week. We’ve heard it all before Tia, so don’t say it hun show us!

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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