Drag Race UK Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Snatch Game

In the sixth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2, the queens play everybody’s favourite celebrity impersonation game.

There is one thing you know to expect on Drag Race and that’s Snatch Game and having your celebrity character poised and ready should be top priority next to knowing how to sew, or at least work a hot glue gun. It’s appears that these UK queens with a few exceptions showed up… Well yeah, they showed up.

Snatch Game is an episode centred on comedy and that’s why it’s forever a fan favourite. This episode was touching, we laughed, we cried and we got very confused by Lawrence’s lack of funny.

This week there was no mini challenge, instead heading straight into preparations for Snatch Game, where Ru has socially distanced one-on-ones with each queen to discuss their characters.

Our always underdog Tia Kofi tells Ru she’s going to do Dame Shirley Bassey, which sounded like a bad idea to us only confirmed by the look on Ru’s face and on his advice, Tia switches to her second option former Spice Girl member Mel B (Scary Spice).

Ellie is going to do Vicky Pollard, a character made famous by Matt Lucas on the TV show Little Britain. While talking with Ru, Ellie became emotional talking about twin brother Bryce and how they would imitate the character growing up. Later in the confessional Ellie broke down talking about how his father was unhappy about having a “queer son” and kicked him out the house until his mother intervened and brought him home, telling his father to either accept their son or hit the bricks. Ellie confessed that he spoke to his father before leaving to film the show and that while there was still tension in their relationship they’re on better terms.

Lawrence chose to do Miriam Margolyes, an actress best known in the US for her role as Pomona Sprout in the Harry Potter movies, in the UK she is a chat show personality and is seen regularly on Graham Norton’s Friday-night staple.

Bimini chooses Katie Price, aka Jordan who needs little introduction here in the UK. Glamour model and tv personality, who met former husband Peter Andre while filming I’m A Celeb.

A’Whora decided to do Louie Spence a dance instructor and tv personality who is known for being over the top and camp. While talking with Ru, A’Whora becomes emotional saying that as George, her boy self she has little confidence and feels like she has to hide behind an “image”. A’Whora goes on to say that her drag queen persona and the bitchy vibe she puts out is ultimately a defence that she needs to survive.

Both Ellie and A’Whora’s confessions to Ru, left the other queens silently wiping away tears in the werk room. Also, this is the second time A’Whora has had us crying at home —- we need to hug this out.

Snatch Game contestants consisted of Michelle Visage and Gemma Collins (who we would have loved to see on the judging panel).

Our natural assumptions were that the comedy queens would do well at the challenge having chosen some strong characters, or knowing they have a strong skill. However, they completely bombed. Lawrence missed punch lines and kept telling long irrelevant stories about old actors that just weren’t funny. Tia who had a lot to play with as Mel B made zero Spice Girl references, kept saying “Grrrr” and talking about Eddie Murphy as if the singers relationship with the comedian is the only relevant thing about her. Lawrence later made a comment in the confessional about how comedy queens always do bad in Snatch Game, however this isn’t true — comedy queens have done well in Snatch Game, need we only look at last season and Baga Chipz impersonation of Margret Thatcher. What appears to have happened is both Lawrence and Tia overthought the challenge, they rely on funny as individuals and we wonder if like A’Whora as some kind of defence. Pretending to be someone else and making them funny, proved a challenge and they simply couldn’t live up to the standard they set.

Tayce who we simply love in the confessional, and is funny without meaning to be proved strong in Snatch Game. Her impersonation of Jane Turner from Australian sitcom Kath & Kim, was funny and completely bonkers. Sister Sister at times confused us with her character of TV psychic Sally Morgan, but in comparison to other physics who have been impersonated Sister did a good job. The surprising one of us was Ellie as a Vicky Pollard, believing this would be a true disaster as the character is one most of the UK know meaning Ellie had nowhere to hide if this went wrong, she really pulled it out the bag, with Vicky’s chav attitude and famous catchphrases — the episode of Snatch Game where they teach RuPaul what a “bell end” is will probably go down is history.

It was Bimini as Katie Price that really had viewers in stitches. Nailing distinctive speech patterns and coming out with these ridiculous snd sexual one liners like the “nipples being the eyes of the face” and how her “implants got held up at gunpoint”. But, it’s these weird and wonderful moments that make Snatch Game so loveable.

Category is… Prehistoric.

A’Whora once again proves she is the queen of fashion hitting the runway in a bone mask, and a corset made from 3D printed bones specially moulded to the silhouette of her body — floored, we are floored and COMPLETELY recognise this girls ability to put an outfit together because every week it just gets better.

Tayce also a strong fashion queen, chose to go with a prehistoric witch doctor vibe and SOLD it on the runway — absolutely STUNNING. Then, suddenly the concepts went down hill a bit as Sister came out in a tiger print dress and weirdly large beehive, reminiscent of Marge Simpson and this personally goes down as one of the worst looks we’ve ever seen. There is nothing prehistoric about this outfit unless you count the fact that tiger print was a trend from last year.

Bimini chose to do the least expected look and come out as bacteria, very prehistoric and probably the most editorial look on the runway. While her outfit was amazing, beautiful and perfect for a photoshoot if Bimini had not told us it was bacteria, nobody would have known which is a problem contextually. We could have 100 guesses and not even think of bacteria.

Finally, Lawrence and don’t even get us started on tiger print again. There is nothing prehistoric about a tiger print dress – don’t come to drag race and walk the runway in a tiger print dress. Surely you see the other queens getting ready and think – I’ve fucked this up. Tia came out as a pterodactyl and at least it was prehistoric, while Ellie did a reimagined version of Pebbles from the Flintstones which was appreciated.

Once again it wasn’t difficult to guess this weeks winner, after a strong performance as Katie Price, Bimini won her second RuPeter badge, after her fist win in the group challenge RuRuVision. Fighting in the bottom two were Lawrence and Tia. Up against a strong competitor with three wins under her belt, Tia had a tough lip sync ahead of her and unfortunately this time it would be her last. Sadly, Tia’s luck has run out and she’s had too many chances to up her game, so it was finally time for Tia to sashay away.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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