Jesy Nelson opens up in post on how she “mentally bullied” herself to lose weight

Jesy Nelson shared a candid moment with her followers on Instagram after an old photograph of herself popped up on her feed.

The former Little Mix star who left the girl group earlier this year due to mental health reasons, reposted the image of herself lying on the floor of a gym, with her hands covering her face. In the caption, Jesy shares with her fans what her state of mind was like at the time.

The caption read: “I just saw this picture pop up on my feed and it made me feel so sad.

“On the day this picture was taken, I remember going to the gym with my manager and I stood in the mirror and I said, ‘god I’m so fat I just want my legs to be like this’ and I pulled my skin around to try and create a thigh gap’ because I genuinely believed that being skinny would make me happier.”

“Even when I got to a size 8 from starving myself, I still wasn’t happy. I mentally bullied myself everyday to try to please other people. It’s taken me 10 years to realise that I’m the only person I need to please.”

Jesy, has been a strong advocate for mental health issues, speaking about struggles she’s had with online trolls and her weight since winning the X-Factor in 2011.

The singer spoke openly in her BBC One documentary ‘Odd One Out’ where for the first time, many got a real look into the daily mental struggles the world renowned pop-star faced which included Jesy talking about her suicide attempt.

Through her struggles, Jesy has learnt a lot about herself which is evident by the rest of her caption, reading: “As humans we find it so easy to pay other people compliments but yet we find it so hard to be kind to ourselves because it’s so much easier to pick ourselves apart than to find the things we love about ourselves.

“So if you’re someone who is feeling like I was, please don’t waste years of your life seeking approval from others, seek approval from yourself. Be your number one fan. You are the one in control of your happiness and you are the only one of you in this world and that’s pretty fucking powerful.”

That is pretty f* king powerful… and sound advice from someone who’s come out the other side.

If you’re feeling depressed, or like you need to talk to someone, visit for more information.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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