Drag Race UK Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Lockdown Hero’s

In the seventh episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2, the queens go all in on a sewing challenge turning themselves into superheros.

This weeks episode picked up after Tia Kofi’s elimination, and tension seemed to be high in the werk room. A’Whora who has a tendency to insight drama, asked the room who they thought would be the next to leave causing the remaining girls to share their thoughts and come to the consensus that the two queens, Sister Sister and Ellie Diamond who are yet to win a RuPeter badge would be next on the chopping block – much to the dismay of the pair who defended their place in the competition.

Skip to a new day in the werk room and a much loved mini challenge which has given the phase “reading is fundamental” a whole new meaning. The reading challenge sees the queens adorned in a pair of camp glasses that look like they’ve been stole from Elton John’s wardrobe read also known as “throw shade” at each other for the entertainment of others.

The reading challenge is usually a healthy way for the queens to not only make fun of each other but themselves. However, this episode seemed less funnier than previous weeks and we wonder if that has something to do with COVID-19.

According to an interview A’Whora did with the Radio Times, everyday the queens would have to sanitize their hands, have their temperatures checked and travel everywhere with a mask. They were also provided with hand-held big screen masks that wouldn’t damage their make-up but still “protect” them, but ultimately they never came in contact with the crew, judges or guest judges while filming.

When watching the show, sometimes we forget these queens filmed during a pandemic and under strict coronavirus restrictions, and the only people they’ve technically been in contact with is each other – like sisters or any group that consists of strong personalities they’re going to clash and the longer they’re away from their families and support networks, the more alone they feel and the more they lash out at those around them creating these tense moments.

Sister Sister won the reading challenge, which was rewarded with a 15 second head start hunting for goods supplied for the maxi challenge, where the queens were asked to create their own superhero persona and build an outfits from unconventional materials. The bizarre twist to these materials were that they were suppose to be things people hoarded during lockdown, but if that was the case then really there should have just been loads of toilet paper, pasta, flour and alcohol.

Lets be honest, if a queen could make an outfit out of that mess they’d deserve the win.

Sister took advantage of her head start and quite literally hoarded materials with the mentality of thinning resources to sabotage the other queens, maybe sabotaging herself in the process. If Sister learns anything from this challenge its EDIT.

RuPaul surprised the girls this episode with a special guest, his makeup artist and former US contestant Raven, who had one-to-one chats with all the queens offering her advice. The Emmy award winning makeup artist, passed on tips to Lawrence on how to improve her eye makeup and Sister on hiding her beard. The walk though with Ru also revealed Tayce’s idea to pull apart brillopads to create her outfit and she foolishly rejected advice, saying: “I don’t want no help, I don’t want no advice, I just want to bring me to the runway.” Tayce stuck to her guns even when the steel wool cut her hand open and was administered first aid.

On elimination day, the queens enter the werk room and begin to get ready and talk openly about being bullied at school for being queer. While, homosexuality is more accepted today, this is still an issue that needs addressing in schools nationwide. On the runway, each of the queens get a transformation moment, where they appear on the runway in their lazy lockdown comforts and then transform by the way of cheesy CGI into their superhero outfit.

Tayce wearing a brillopad bodysuit down the runway was not worth the effort and pain she put into making it – if we were to sum it into words: rusty, unpolished, unfinished, painful. If we could give a grade for effort Tayce would get a sold A because she literally put her sweat and blood into making that outfit, and she sold it on the runway, sadly the outfit just wasn’t worthy of a runway. Lawrence who has been known to pull of some strong runway looks has coasted the last couple weeks and we were looking for redemption after that tiger print last week… She just about redeemed herself with her blue and orange look, while a bodysuit is cliche her makeup was on point having taken tips from Raven and she worked with some tricky materials and pulled off a good silhouette.

Bimini changed her initial design, and thank god! Pulling off a Vivienne Westwood vibe with a shredded curtain and pink paper. While not her best runway look, and for the most part a bulky material for her petite frame she did enough to get noticed. A’Whora rounded the corner in dressed made from blue bin liners, however she once again constructed an outfit so well designed that when she popped her shoulders and peacocked – oh yes, like a beautiful peacock displaying its feathers and the judges jaws dropped. A’Whora’s outfit was our favourite, makeup and all. However, we must state the obvious here. A’Whora wore a shiny blue painted on glitter mask with red lipstick and for two weeks people have criticized Sister Sister for copying peoples looks, but didn’t Sister wear the same makeup when she first entered the competition? AND she was made fun of for it… double standards much?

Ellie’s outfit wasn’t so much superhero as it was Candy Land, it felt like she got one memo and the other queens got a different one. While, we feel for Ellie and what she’s been through personally we do understand why the other queens have critiqued her. We’d love to see Ellie step out of her comfort zone and show more versatility in her looks, everything she does is very doll-like or animated and it would be nice to see her do something different – in saying that she has brought some impressive looks to the runway and we can’t fault that at all. Sister Sister came out looking a little… insane. Her face looked beautiful, but there was so much going on it was like looking at a character for a children’s low-budget pantomime, we half expected Graham Norton to shout out: “HE’S BEHIND YOU!”

Backstage the queens discuss their critiques from the judges, and Ellie became insistent that the other queens take back their comments that she should go home after her successful runway. A’Whora comments that Ellie’s looks are like “CBeebies on acid” and that they’re all too similar, while Sister believes Ellie doesn’t take risks.

Back on the main stage, A’Whora finally wins a sewing challenge (totally deserved!) and Ellie whose look was loved by the judges was safe. Lawrence and Bimini were also safe.

Tayce and Sister were in the bottom this week, and lip synced for their life to Jess Glynne’s “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”. It was a fight worth watching, and while Sister put up a good performance she was out done by Tayce who pulled out all the stops rolling round on her back with steels wool most likely doing a number on her back, and a death drop mixed in always helps.

Unfortunately with Sister gone, that’s means all the northern queens are out of contention. So, if a northerner can’t win the title, we’d like to see it go to a fashion queen (or a funny queen).

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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