The “boring” bra is the most popular lingerie choice among millennials

The very idea that “boring” bras are the most popular choice among millennials seems like an unbelievable story. For year, lace underwire bras that make you “look and feel sexy” have been the prime choice for most women.

A report by the WWD found that millennials alone currently account for the biggest chunk of women’s intimate apparel market, spending a third of their bra budgets on sports bras. However, they also found that it’s not just young women who want to feel comfortable, as women of all ages are opting for comfort-style bras.

More relaxed dress codes in a corporate environment, along with more people working from home has made the fashion industry, including the lingerie world more casual. Athleisure wear has lent its hand to the current trend and increased the demand for sports bras, freeing up women from restrictive garments.

There is also an increased trend of innerwear-as-outerwear with women wearing underwear in the streets. Suddenly things like bras which formerly went unnoticed are in plain view, such as sports bras and bralettes worn in the summer.

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Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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