10 Amazon beauty buys that have revolutionised how I get ready

I am a self-confessed shopaholic, and I don’t care who you are but there is one place we all go to when we’re searching for something particular.

Over the years, Amazon has become the holy grail of stores even expanding into fresh food – like that’s not crazy? Clearly in a world were everyone lives on their phones and its possible to have practically anything delivered straight to your door, going to a supermarket is just too much effort.

But for those of us who like the convenience of online shopping (but let me note, I will never order my grocery’s online) Amazon has just about everything we need, and I’ve found some incredible beauty buys that have completely changed my routine.

1. Bumble and Bumble Curl Reactivator

I have naturally curly hair and often go on the hunt for products that will make hair styling easier. My hairdresser recommended this product to me and it’s been a life saver on those days I’ve needed and extra boost.

Price: £23.99
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

2. Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails

I’ve tried a lot of products to help rebuild stronger nails. This hand cream has been a god send as I’ve battled with weak nails for years, however since I’ve started using this daily they’ve gotten so much healthier.

Price: £5.79
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

3. Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes

I am hopeless when it comes to false lashes. You can guarantee if you hand me lashes and glue I’ll ruin my eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara – the works and end up having to start fresh. I tried these as a last resort before I ditched the lashes for good and found my solution, magnetic lashes are the way forward if you find glue a bit fiddly.

Price: £19.99
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

4. Hairfeel Finishing Stick

Do you have trouble with flyaways? I have my entire life. When I was a kid I use to get so frustrated with them I would get the scissors and cut them away like it would magically solve the problem. Of course, I am wiser now and finding this product was a game changer, while some may love their messy buns and ponytails, I enjoy a sleeker finish. This stuff is also incredible for setting your brows.

Price: £8.99
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

5. Lurrose Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

I use to go through makeup wipes like you couldn’t believe, so in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, I found these sponges which are AMAZING and I use on a daily basis. You don’t even need a makeup remover to use these just water, although sometimes I will use a micellar water if my makeup is being stubborn.

Price: £11.19
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

6. Copper Tongue Scraper

A bit of an odd one to add to the mix but oral hygiene has always been really important to me and there are health benefits to tongue scraping, such as reducing bad breath, reducing bacteria, improving sense of taste, and the overall appearance and health of your tongue.

Price: £5.25
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

7. Eyebrow Razors

I use to get my eyebrows waxed, because my mum didn’t want me to mess up my brows by plucking them but then one beautician waxed off half my eyebrow and I’ve never trusted another person with my brows again… Since then I’ve tried a few ways to maintain my brows and eyebrows razors are easy, quick and painless.

Price: £3.79
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

8. Eylure DYBROW Eyebrow Dye Kit

When it comes to my brows I like to have a certain amount of control. I have quite blonde hair, so my eyebrows aren’t the darkest and I do like a little definition even on my no-makeup days, so I like to use a tint. I love this tint, it’s easy to use and doesn’t stain the skin.

Price: £6.47
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

9. DrDent Premium Teeth Whitening Kit Non-Sensitive

I’ve already mentioned I have a thing for oral hygiene. Well, I’ve tried a few different teeth whitening products over the years and this is by far the best. It doesn’t leave your teeth feeling sensitive, and there are no long last effects after using it. Furthermore you actually see a difference in the colour of your teeth. Don’t expect miracles though, because celebrities endorse this product all the time and you need to remember they get their teeth professionally whitened, or have veneers. At the end of the day, it will only remove so much staining from what is probably years of build-up. There is a process and it needs to be maintained.

Price: £25.99
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk

10. Facial Cleansing Brush

I think everyone has upped their skincare game since COVID. Face masks reap havoc on my skin and you can bet the second I get home I cleanse my face. My skin has improved so much since I started using this in conjunction with my cleansing cream and it’s one of those products I’ve been recommending to my friends. It always leaves my skin feeling fresh which is such a relief after the stuffiness of a face mask.

Price: £12.79
Where to buy: amazon.co.uk
Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

3 thoughts on “10 Amazon beauty buys that have revolutionised how I get ready

  1. I’ve been wanting to try the magnetic lashes so bad! They look amazing and so much easier than fake lashes. Also, that eyebrow dye, does one application really last up to 6 weeks? Or do you have to watch how you wash your face and stuff? Overall, great post girly!💗


    1. Magnetic lashes are so much easier!

      One application does last about 4-6 weeks depending on how long you leave it on (it recommends 10 minutes but sometimes I do 15) and I don’t really worry about avoiding the area when I wash my face.

      Thank you! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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