Drag Race UK Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: Queens of Stand Up Comedy

In the eighth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2, the queens are set the challenge to performs a comedy show on all things love, sex and relationships.

After saying goodbye to Sister Sister, the queens entered the werk room where Tayce wipes her message off the mirror and misreads “camp cows” as “champions” — a classic case of, you see what you want to see. However, as more of the girls leave the competition the more tensions seem to rise among the group. Thus far, every competitor except Scottish queen Ellie Diamond has won a badge and the other queens are not shy in boasting about their wins.

As they start a new day, the queens are set a mini-challenge where they are asked to dress up in “masc 4 masc” drag. A unique mini-challenge where we are able to see each queen take of their own version of masculinity and there were some variations among them. Tayce took on an old-school rock vibe reminiscent of Guns N Roses or Steel Panther, while A’Whora looked like one of the Village People.

In a way it’s refreshing to see these interpretations of masculinity. From a young age boys and girls are taught masculine and feminine norms and gender stereotypes, so as we head into a generation which is more gender neutral, young children everywhere can be inspired knowing its still masculine to be different, to wear makeup and to be themselves.

Ellie wins the mini-challenge, which means she gets to pick the running order of the maxi-challenge. This week, Ru challenged the queens to a stand-up comedy performance which would not be performed in front of a love audience due to the pandemic. Ellie, apparently sick of the other queens considering her unthreatening due to her lack of badges allegedly “sabotages” the girls with the running order, putting A’Whora first, herself second, then Bimini, Lawrence and Tayce.

A’Whora and Lawrence take immediate insult to their spots, believing A’Whora who is not known as a comedy-queen is being thrown under the bus, while Lawrence is worried about being outshined by Bimini who has proved herself as a double threat in the competition as both a comedy queen and fashionista.

Despite their uproar, Bimini doesn’t care about her spot believing she’ll slay no matter where she’s put, while Tayce similarly does care but is at the opposite side having given up before the fight believing she’ll bomb no matter what. Ellie tries to make sure the order is okay wit everyone, but Lawrence snaps: “If you’re going to play the game, don’t ask us if we’re all right.”

Ellie continues to feel bad about the running order and Tayce is their to comfort her with the reminder that it is a competition and for the first time this season we’ve finally heard the words: “This isn’t RuPauls Best Friend Race.” Things are getting real in the werk room because one those words are dropped, we begin to see the claws come out and friendship break-down — it looks like this could be it for the Scottish duo.

The thing is, normally during a comedy challenge you get a few flat liners. This time each queen had pretty solid material and actually made the judges laugh, whether it was through confusion, a lack of understanding or pure awkwardness but they laughed. So, would the running order really have changed the outcome of the show? We don’t think so.

While, we love A’Whora because she continues to stuns us every week on the runway, her material was a little rude and it probably would have been better if we’d heard half of it. Unfortunately the BBC decided it was a little too rude and bleeped most of it, which took away the funny for us at home. However, her dark take on Marilyn Monroe was beautiful.

Ellie who looked like Betty Boop if she’d been attacked by Valentines Day had the weirdest performance of the night, with a demonic alter ego called Dirty Diamond that loved dick. Did we understand it? No. Did we laugh? Yes, because it was so damn awkward. Bimini had the best performance of the bunch, clearly confident in her own ability as a comic. She was the only one who seemed to play and interact with the judges and make crude but weirdly acceptable jokes, also coming in with a tagline: “Not a joke, just a fact,” that the judges seemed to enjoy.

Lawrence who is know for her comedy, started well but seemed to drift and into a narrative and left people waiting for a punchline. Moving on from this maybe “edit” is a good piece of criticism. But, we will say the punchline was worth the wait, because it was just so classic and is a joke that could stand among some of the best in the biz.

Tayce didn’t completely bomb, and we weirdly enjoyed her take on love, sex and relationships. If you’ve not got much experience in love, then why not talk about baked beans on toast like you’re advertising them for M&S (#foodporn).

On the runway, category is… Stoned on the Runway. Which may bring a few things to mind, however in this case it means “dripping in diamonds.” The BBC censored half of A’Whora’s routine, I can imagine they’d also blur half the runway if someone decide to campaign for marijuana, however if Ginny Lemon had still been here — maybe?

A’Whora once again stunned with a classic nude illusion, and fully embraced the idea of dripping diamonds. Ellie didn’t bring her best to the runway, wearing a very cliche snow themed look. Bimini pushed boundaries with her Billy Idol mullet and nude oversize blazer, choosing to make acne fashionable.

Lawrence chose to imitate rose quartz for a bold take on the challenge, and evolution of her drag. While, Tayce went for a futuristic armoured bodysuit. A well-deserved win went to Bimini for the stand-up challenge and her take on Stoned on the Runway.

When, Ellie, Tayce and A’Whora ended up in the bottom three the choice seemed obvious but to our surprise Ellie was saved! What!? While we didn’t hear half of A’Whora’s routine it was still funnier that Ellie’s…

Best friends Tayce and A’Whora went head-to-head in the lip sync. As fans of both queens, it was a hard lip sync to watch and secretly hoped Ru would save both girls (as she’s been known do to). The two girls performs to Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.”

Unfortunately, A’Whora was asked to sashay away and our wish of a double save were not granted. A’Whora has shown us many layers thought the competition, growth, and brought some of the best looks to the runway and she will be missed. On the upside, we will continue to get Tayce’s commentary in the confessional.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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