Review: The Body Shop’s Glowing British Rose Little Gift Box

As Mother’s Day approaches, this gorgeous gift set from The Body Shop could be the perfect present to add to your online order. Here’s what we thought when we tried it

Credit: Faye Dixon

With a cleansing shower gel, soap and body buffing bath lily as well as a body yoghurt and a little hand cream, this set is perfect for your mum to pamper at home.

Credit: Faye Dixon

British Rose Shower Gel

We love:
It’s actually a gel consistancy and not runny.
A good lather/foam is created when used in the shower.
The bottle is actually pretty big for a small gift set.

We’d change:
We’d love it if the colour was a little stronger.

British Rose Body Yogurt

We love:
Again, it’s a great size for a small gift set.
It leaves your body feeling so soft.
It’s a lush baby pink colour.

We’d change:
The smell is a little perfume-y in comparison to the others.

British Rose Soap

We love:
It leaves your skin feeling and smelling great.
It’s a good size to be left in the bathroom/WC.

We’d change:
We’d love if it came in a liquid form in a bottle (for better hygiene, if you share a bathroom).

British Rose Hand Cream

We love:
By far the best smelling of the lot.
It leaves your hands feeling super soft – especially if you’re using lots of sanitiser lately.

We’d change:
It’s so good it’s likely to get addictive so you’ll want to buy more and more.

Pink Bath Lily

We love:
It’s made with recycled plastics.
It’s not too harsh on your skin.
It works well to use with the other products.

We’d change:
Literally nothing.

Faye’s Final Thoughts: I’m overall in love with all of these products and they smell amazing. Is there anything classier than a bunch of roses? Your mum is sure to love this set. Plus, the box is recyclable, which I love. However, (as mentioned in my previous review for Valentine’s Day) when it arrived, although the main parcel box was recyclable, polysterene balls were inside which I believe are much harder to recycle. Again, I’d maybe suggest using corrugated cardboard or another alternative in the future.

Find the full The Body Shop Valentine’s range at

Faye Dixon

Lifestyle Journalist and Blogger from the North East.

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