Gift Guide: Make mum a special cuppa this Mother’s Day with Teapigs

If your mum loves a cuppa (like mine) then why not treat her to a special one this Mother’s Day. For many of us, it may be a virtual celebration, which is a perfect excuse to sit down and raise a cuppa over video chat.

Craft & Crumb X Teapigs Baking Kit

A brand-new product by Teapigs, teaming up with award winning bake and craft kit company Craft & Crumble for an ‘afternoon Teapigs cupcake kit’. The kit contains almost all the ingredients you need to make the perfect Earl grey cupcakes — just add eggs, butter and milk.

Price: £19.99
Credit: Teapigs

Personalised Pick ‘n’ Mix Box

A wonderful box full of 12 mini packs of tea, each with two tea temples. Perfect for newcomers to the world of Teapigs.

Price: £12.99 – £22.99
Credit: Teapigs

Teapigs Tea School

Hosted by experts Andy and Leonie via Zoom, tea school is a great way to learn all things tea, with a taste kit included in the ticket price.

Price: £25 per ticket
Credit: Teapigs

Feel Good Range

The organic range of “feel good” teas is blended with functional ingredients which supports your well-being.

Price: £3.99 for a pack of 15 tea temples
Credit: Teapigs

Gold Brew Tea

The cold brew bottle kit is an all-natural way to pep up your water. Naturally caffeine-free and available in three refreshing flavours: lychee & rose, cucumber & apple and peach & mango.

Price: £3.99 for a pack of 10 tea temples. Bottle kit £12 and also available on Amazon
Credit: Teapigs

Tea and Chocolate Bundle

Teapigs have paired their best selling teas with their favourite Tony’s chocolonely bars for the ultimatebundle (vegan chocolate option available).

Price: £7.99
Credit: Teapigs

Loose Leaf Gift Set

There’s something special about brewing loose tea leaves; not only does it make you feel oh so fancy, but it pretty much forces you to slow down for 5 minutes.

Price: £14.99
Credit: Teapigs

Gemma Correll Pug & Piglet Bundle

It’s hard not to love anything designed by Gemma Correll and these cute bundles are just adorable and a perfect gift for your mum this Mother’s Day.

Price: £11.99
Credit: Teapigs

Tins of Tea

The perfect gift for a mum confident in her taste for tea. Each beautiful and sturdy Tim can be reused as is and co,es with 20 tea temples to get her started.

Price: £5.99 – £7.99
Credit: Teapigs
Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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