It’s International Waffle Day here are three recipes for you to tuck into

International Waffle Day on March 25 celebrates waffles, their history, and is a religious holiday.

The national holiday dates back to Sweden, when waffles were introduced during the 1600s and were often enjoyed with jams and fruits. The event in celebration of them was called Våffeldagen which sounded very close to the religious Vårfrudagen (Our Lady Day) and the traditions merged creating International Waffle Day.

Over the years waffles became sweeter, adding sugar and butter to the recipe and in 1839, the Belgium waffle was created. Due to the merge of the two holidays it became customary for Swedish families to celebrate Vårfrudagen with waffles on Our Lady Day (the day the Virgin Mary was conceived).

We can’t argue with a day that celebrates someone’s conception by eating waffles, especially since we live in a generation of people throwing gender reveal parties — it’s pretty much the same thing. Unsurprisingly International Waffle Day has become a big hit all over the world, so embrace waffles this March 25 and celebrate the right way by plugging in the waffle marker and tucking in with one of these three recipes.

All Recipes, Classic Waffles

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4.5 Stars / 3.7K Reviews

The Salty Marshmallow, Homemade Belgium Waffles

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5 Stars / 784 Reviews

Tasty, The Ultimate Waffle

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4.8 Stars / 499 Reviews
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