Our favourite moments from The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2021: Episode Four

The Great Celebrity Bake Off in partnership with Stand Up to Cancer, episode four aired last night at 8pm and continues with the aim to raise funds for cancer research as part of Channel 4’s annual charity drive.

Four new celebrities entered the tent with the hopes of walking away with the Star Baker apron. This week comedian Katherine Ryan, YouTuber KSI also known as JJ, television presenter Stacey Dooley and Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall enter the tent.

Their Signature Challenge was to make was to make fondant fancies. In the technical, they were asked to make a cherry lattice pie and finally their showstopper was to bake a biscuit and meringue sculpture declining something they can’t live without.

Candice’s Favourite Moments:

  • Katherine baking gluten-free.
  • Jade trying to get a sneaky handshake from Paul.
  • When Stacey called JJ a genius seconds after her turned his pie upside down.
  • Jade making fun of JJ’s rapping career.
  • JJ not owning up to his pie during the technical challenge after the judges refused to eat it.
  • Jade depicting Little Mix on stage for her showstopper

Faye’s Favourite Moments:

The best celebrity combination in the history of charity bake offs.

  • Jade obsessing over Paul and Prue.
  • Katherine’s outfit.
  • Jade repping her South Shields cocktail bar — I really miss having a cocktail there.
  • Katherine giving life advice for men and guiding JJ through the bake off.
  • Jade making nipples.
  • JJ looking to the camera like Jim from The Office.
  • Paul rejecting JJ’s handshake and Jade reaching out for one.
  • Jade knowing what lattice is because of American Pie.
  • JJ tipping his whole pie upside down as Stacey calls him a genius but still making amazing custard.
  • Jade abusing JJ’s pie and rapping in one.
  • There’s nee point crying over spilt milk.
  • Jade winning.

Our North East Hun won and we’re super excited about it!

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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