LilySilk launch limited edition “Gold-Silk” stay-safe collection

A leading competitor in silk goods, LilySilk has launched a limited edition gold-silk collection. A grade 6A premium material with a signature natural golden colour that contains ZERO colorants.

The collection includes:

  • Face Mask – Add a layer of natural silk underneath the professional protection mask to avoid wrinkles and damages to your skin.
  • Pillowcase – To keep hair healthy and hydrated while you sleep.
  • Eye mask – To block out light and prevent dry eyes.
  • Cocoons – When gently massaged over your face, cocoons release sericin while the textured surface gently exfoliates.

LilySilk was founded in January 2010 by Lily Lin who worked for more than a decade in France within the silk industry. The brand is known for its skin-friendly and high-quality silk collection, using the finest Grade 6A silk from China which produces some of the world’s finest silk and Grade A Cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

The brand provides a wide range of products from silk bedding and sleepwear and men and women’s silk clothing to baby silk bedding and sleepwear to Cashmere Sweaters, and accessories. Each purchase made, LilySilk donates $1 into a fund that goes to less fortunate children in China’s rural areas.

Creators at LilySilk have listened to their customer feedback and created their newest limited edition collection “Gold-Silk”. A constant problem for those with sensitive skin is that bright-coloured products tend to cause allergic reactions due to added colorants. Their “Gold-Silk” collection is 100% natural and free from the addition of dyes.

The “Gold-Silk” collection is described as “a natural light yellowed fabric that is perfect to fit into daily life while maintaining that classic and elegant sophistication.”

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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