Sweatshirt dresses are the number one dress trend this Spring — Who would have guessed?

Since the pandemic fashion trends have been about one thing only — comfort. So it stands to reason that sweatshirt dresses would become the number one dress trend of 2021.

While it made sense that they flooded our Instagram feeds in the autumn of 2020, they’re making a reappearance this spring. The sweatshirt, known for being cosy, warm and perfect for the winter months is not a dress we expect to see this time of year. However, shopping trends are proving otherwise.

Fashion lovers everywhere are looking for oversize, comfort pieces with a minimalistic feel. Interest in T-shirt and sweatshirt dresses combined has been growing steadily week-on-week and they’re currently up 109% since the start of January, according to Lyst.

Personally, we wouldn’t stock up our wardrobes with sweatshirt dresses this time of year, but there are some exceptions to the rule that do allow comfort and a lightweight feel for spring. If you’re not feeling the sweatshirt dress vibe, opt for a T-shirt dress instead. You’ll remain comfy, on trend and they’re super easy to style with boots, trainers or sandals.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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