River Island launch “Shop Like It’s 2019” campaign as non-essential shops reopen

On April 12, 2021 River Island reopened its 192 stores across England and Wales supported by its nostalgic “Shop Like It’s 2019” advertising campaign.

The reopening of the store, with the well-being of customers and employees being the priority will follow government guidelines on social distancing and hygiene measures.

As customers restore to enjoy the in-store shopping experience, the campaign a moment to reminisce and emulate a pre-lockdown joy of shopping. The campaign aims to engage customers and drive a conversation around shopping expectations of reopening and seven slogans will build excitement countrywide:

  1. ‘In 2019 pyjamas were not acceptable work attire’
  2. ‘In 2019 clothes went on your bottom half too’.
  3. ‘In 2019 same day delivery was the journey home from the shops’
  4. ‘In 2019 you could ‘get your steps in’ while buying clothes’
  5. ‘In 2019 people bought clothes for ‘parties’. Remember those?’
  6. ‘In 2019 people standing too close to you in queues was still annoying’.
  7. ‘In 2019 you shopped like your only concern was meat-free sausage rolls’.

Sean Hastings, River Island Chief Customer Officer said: “We are thrilled to be welcoming customers back to our stores from April 12th.

“While our loyal customers have shopped with us online during each lockdown, the high street remains an essential part of River Island’s omni-channel strategy and offers customers an experience that online can’t replicate. We look forward to welcoming our customers back to the high street.”

River Island customers purchasing in-store will be rewarded with a voucher entitling them to 20.19% off their next purchase as a thank you for getting back in store. The offer is to be used in store only between May 3 – 30 with a minimum spend of £40.

The fashion brand plans to reopen their remaining stores in Scotland on April 26. When “Shop Like It’s 2019” draws to a close, River Island will launch its summer campaign “Unleash Your Vibe” focusing on dressing for the much anticipated summer months.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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