Oversized and retro sunglasses are the hot new eyewear trend this Spring

Believe it or not, eyewear is one of the most personal one-size-fits-all accessory and we all have our preferred niche in what shapes and sizes we choose to sport with each season.

Every year designers reimagine classic silhouettes to keep up with current trends. This year, the focus is on the balance of novelty, statement making frames and timeless designs. Consumers are leaning into mindful shopping and purchasing styles that are easy and versatile.

According to Lyst, searches for sunglasses are up 22% week-on-week and the most wanted shapes this April are rectangular and square frame shapes. While searches for terms such as “oversized” and “retro” alongside square-shaped sunglasses are collectively up 50% with top viewed brands including Gucci and Fendi.

While we can agree that some eyewear trends never go out of style, such as the classic cat eye frame or aviators, this summer will be dominated by oversize sunglasses, whether square or round the bigger the better.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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