John Lewis expands furniture rental service following successful trial

Thanks, it’s rented! John Lewis has decided to expand their furniture rental service following the successful of their recent trial.

Clothing rental has seen a rental boom over the last couple years, with shoppers choosing monthly subscriptions which allows an individual to keep up with trends without taking part in the consumerism that is fast fashion.

John Lewis in partnership with Fat Llama, has announced its intention to expand their first furniture rental service — doubling the range to offer more than 200 lines — following last years successful trial, which saw almost all of the collection snapped up within the first 48 hours highlighting the demand and changing attitude towards renting goods.

Two thirds of those using the service were furnishing rented accommodation and just over a quarter had recently bought their homes. Desks and office chairs were among the top rental picks as lockdown saw customers repurposing rooms for home-working.

John Vary, Futurologist, John Lewis Partnership said: “We’re seeing a real shift in consumer behaviour towards usership rather than ownership, the weak signals were already there pre-covid, with the emergence of car-sharing schemes, hot-desking and services like AirBnB, but the pandemic has turbo-charged this with an almost back-to-the-future move towards sharing, reusing or trading within communities or groups – renting a dress or sofa is the modern day equivalent of borrowing sugar from next door.”

The expanded range, which will launch next month will offer some of the brands best-selling furniture such as their Rattan Bed Frame and has been curated to reflect the way we live.

Previously only available in London, the service will now be expanded outside of London. Customers will be able to rent John Lewis furniture for twelve months at a time, followed by the option to purchase the product with payments already made deducted from the purchase price. The service will be offered via Fat Llama’s ‘Flex Rental’ website and available furniture will be paired to geographical location.

Products will be available to rent from July 20 at the Fat Llama Fex website with the starting price from £6 per month.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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