Radley London launch sustainability campaign

Radley London are standing up for the planet to protect its future — with sustainable design as a key focus.

Their Radley Responsible collection is at the centre of a wider strategy across the business and supply chain to reduce environmental impact, create lasting, positive change and ultimately become a carbon zero business.

Radley London’s sustainable journey is about producing high quality handbags and accessories that are ethically produced. By being smart with resources such as sourcing sustainable fabrics and packaging, and using overstock materials instead of brand new.

Radley Responsible first launched in October 2020 and the collection has grown every season into a range of wonderful prints and colours, with a style for every occasion.

The bags are expertly crafted using materials including recycled polyester – made from plastic bottles destined for landfill – and water-based PU, which produces 60% less emissions than oil-based PU and is far cleaner for the environment.

Joining the Radley Responsible family for the season is the Pocket Essentials collection, made with recycled polyester. Featuring new styles and colours, the popular design is still instantly recognisable with the signature exterior curved slip pockets and metal Scottie detail.

While the new Folk Floral design incorporates whimsical patterns, warm autumnal shades and includes a useful internal laptop sleeve on all totes and backpacks.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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