Drag Race UK Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: Bra Wars

After Scarletts eliminations last week, Kitty was momentarily sad to see to best friend in the competition go home however couldn’t hide her excitement having finally won a challenge — noting that she had a badge and a sash.

Feeling untouchable from her win she asked the other queens who she thought would be the next to go home, with the group consensus being Vanity who “has the most to prove” after being in the bottom three times.

When Ru arrived in the werkroom the next morning to announce the maxi challenge he informed them, it would be an overacting challenge in a sci-fi spoof film, “Bra Wars: The Fempire Claps Back.” As the winner of the previous challenge, Kitty would assign the roles which included, Braberella, She3PHoe, Daft Shader and Baby Yolo.

Kitty decided early on she would be strategic about how she would assign the roles, after choosing the lead role of Braberella for herself she asked asked each queen to audition to for the roles they wanted to play. Krystal ended up playing She3PHoe, the one role she didn’t want as she believed it was too predictable, while Ella Vaday was assigned Daft Shader and Vanity as Baby Yolo.

Once everyone had their role they split off to learn their lines. Vanity’s Baby Yolo character would require her to perform from a box, challenging her to act only with her head, while Krystal was concerned learning and remembering her lines due to her dyslexia. While Kitty and Ella who have theatre backgrounds felt more comfortable with their roles and even seemed excited for the challenge.

While filming on set with Michelle Visage, all four queens needed more direction than they thought. Kitty had a difficult time remembering her lines, particularly the line “space nut milk” which at times came out more innuendo-like than intended. While Vanity struggled to find the best way to emote using only her face. Ella seemed to be thrown by the fact that she was on a secondary set away from the other girls, while Krystal was overthinking her character performance leading her to forget her lines.

Back in the werkroom as the girls prepared for the runway, they discussed their experiences with sexual harassment, describing the instances where they’ve been groped in inappropriate places without consent while in drag.

On the runway, Ru was joined by Michelle, Graham Norton and this week’s guest judge Russell Tovey. This weeks category on the runway was “Scene Stealers.”

During critiques, Michelle mentioned that Krystal struggled the most during filming, but she took the direction well. Ella fulfilled the Bret of scene stealers and impressed the judges for her daring Oompa Loompa concept. They also enjoyed her performance in the film. Vanity’s look did not go down well with the judges, having worn a recycled wig and worn orange AGAIN, however they did think she was able to emote well as Baby Yolo. Kitty’s performance was labelled a “triumph” and the judges liked that her runway presentation told a story.

After deliberations, Ru told the queens that they made it “extremely difficult.” First she announced Vanity as safe, which shocked the other girls since they assumed she’d be up for elimination. Next Krystal was announced as safe, leaving Kitty and Ella in the bottom and apparently lip syncing. However, Ru then revealed that no queen would be going home — instead Kitty and Ella would be competing to decided a winner.

Lip syncing to “Something New” by Girls Aloud. Clearly the happiness and excitement of knowing nobody was going home, the queens gave it their all and Ru was so impressed with their performance, they both walked away winners!

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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